Regressions Sessions is a top party crew that rolls all round the UK. Now they have stepped out with their own label that aims to offer up the sort of club rocking beats that has made them so well loved. First up on the first EP is an artist who has played the party many times namely Mad Villains. He offers a solo cut, one with Maxine Garman and then DJOKO remixes.

First up, Hit the Club is a naughty house tune with driving, heavy weight bass and whirring machines bringing a real crazy vibe to the table.  It’s soulful and contemporary with lots of great warmth and colour to the beats. West Coast then features Maxine Garman and is a nice and old school feeling house tune with low sling bass, vamping chords and reversed stabs. It’s ravey and deep and sure to standout. The Djoko remix is then a more hard hitting affair with blocky beats, scraping perc and rude vocals that all slam about and demand you dance. This is high impact stuff, make no mistake.



Ian Flemming
Contributing Writer