Inspired by video games, the latest EP Viento from Machino will release those childhood memories of becoming a hero and defeating the darkness. Released on Us & Them Records, a label that looks for music with a particular edge. It’s dance music made to connect people. This EP will connect with dance floors while taking you through a fantasy world, slaying dragons as you shake your booty.

“Viento” has a faster feel with a steady pace, as you kick off this excavation full of beautiful deep tones. “Middleman” is level 6 where you have to play the boss at least 4 times before you figure out his weakness, and transgress on through the wind of strings. “Desierto”, the final round, full of kicks, whips, and full power as you snap into heroism. A great EP, and a fun story behind Machino’s latest.


Artist: Machino
Release Date:
Label: Us & Them Records
Label:Catalog No: 020

Machino – Viento* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor