If you are looking for an eclectic musical journey all on one release look no further.  Aracari EP, the sophomore release on DC based label Mysteries of the Mind, provides just that.  The title track by M.O.T.M. (along with remix from Greg Pidcock) is perfect for the dance floor, with enchanting vocals and matched production.   Soft Focus PotA(C)’s Breakin’ Remix, is another highlight.  This track differs greatly from the sound of Aracari, but still has flawless production value and a vibe that makes the listener want more.  Mysteries of the Mind has proved with this second EP that quality of their music is vital, regardless of genre.  Definitely one to check out.


Artist:  M.O.T.M.
Title:  Aracari EP
Label: Mysteries Of The Mind
Catalog No.:  MOTM02D



– Jamie Sherman