After debuting lead singles “For The Ride” and “Darkness,” techno virtuoso Lupa unveils her long-awaited debut EP, Insatiable. A sonic 5-track work of brooding soundscapes and supreme production, Insatiable is available worldwide now via mau5trap.

A gripping spectacle, Insatiable is the genesis of Lupa’s life’s work. “I was once asked what motivates me to create music and at the time I had no idea how to answer it. I love the music for the sake of art itself, but there was something else deep inside that pushed me even further,” explains Lupa on her Insatiable EP. “When I’m not working on music or art, I’m thinking about it constantly and it’s usually my first waking thought. The only thing I have is this relentless motivation for self-expression and it’s the only thing I need. This EP represents that fierce, undefinable feeling in my gut, an insatiable hunger.”

Inviting listeners on a journey into the darkest corners of the mind, Lupa’s Insatiable sits at the helm of eerie and emotive. Lead singles “For The Ride” and “Darkness” led the charge with their masterful fusions of old-school trance and innovative techno embellishments. Insatiable’s newest additions include “The Night” and “Icarus,” two contrasting yet complementary feats. “Icarus” is staggering industrial techno laced with a typical larger-than-life kick. “The name comes from one of my favorite stories in Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses,'” explains Lupa, “the story itself is about a man who goes against the way of nature and the Gods and in return is punished.” Still incorporating industrial elements, “The Night” delivers additional robust, melodic vocal flair. The nostalgia-yearning single juxtaposes airy vocal performances against its veracious synth work.