Tree House Miami resident Luke Hunter enlightens us with his favourite bits in the studio…


1. Allen & Heath – Xone96

This mixer has been a workhorse for me both in and out of the studio. I have been able to use it for more straightforward tasks like CDJ/Vinyl mixes but it has also been incredibly versatile to use for studio and podcast mixes with Ableton and Traktor as well using the dual build in sound-cards and voice overs with the mic pres. I’m also taking the Xone96 out to some of my gigs and noticing an instant improvement in the sound system quality, clarity, and punchiness.

2. Sonarworks – Reference / Headphones
A secret weapon in the studio, Sonarworks has been an amazingly useful tool to help implementing “room correction” equalization software using a uniquely calibrated RTA microphone measurement system. This allows me to turn on and off correction to hear a more flat response from the monitors in the room or even in new unfamiliar workspace. In addition to the room correction – the EQ calibrated Sennheiser HD650 Headphones give me accurate on ear reference for mixdowns or production on the go.

3. Genelec Monitors with Sub
These compact 3″ Genelec 8010A tops complimented with a Genelec 7040A 6.5″ Subwoofer have been delivering clear and transparent playback since I started using them a few years ago. Paired with Sonarworks I have been very happy with the ability to truly hear what’s going in with each instrument and frequency range to improve my mixdowns. Using a smaller set of monitors as a second reference has allowed me to hear more of the sound directly from the speakers and less from wall reflections and resonance I sometimes get with 8″ monitors.

4. Ableton Push 2
As a long-time Ableton user I have found the Push 2 to be the best centerpiece to control the software for performance and programming. I use it as a go to for Drum Racks as well as playing out melodies and basslines with all the quick features which speed up my workflow.

5. Apogee Ensemble
I got this soundcard about 8 years ago and it has held up with amazing durability and sound quality. Several clean Mic and Instrument Pre-amps for small recording projects and multiple outputs for A/B monitoring and headphones outs with plenty of power. Some people have phased out this older firewire model but I know many users that have also kept theirs in the studio and agree it still sounds great!

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