MH&T pairing Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone came together once more earlier in July for the release of ‘All I Need’, featuring the amazing vocal talents of Kiki Cave. Both prolific and longstanding artists individually, together they find themselves on an unstoppable run of form, delivering releases in recent times on the likes of Renaissance, Selador, Lost & Found and even have an album forthcoming together on Bedrock. 

Following the release of ‘All I Need’ on the burgeoning Music To Die For imprint, we invited Luke & Gai to pick out 10 of their favourite tracks at the moment. Enjoy! 


Luke Brancaccio:

1. Kaz James – Footprints [Another Record Label]

“This is possibly my favourite tune of the year. Not normally a fan of ethnic vocals as they always seem to just be plonked over the top of music but Kaz has used them with respect & perfection, accompanied by one of the best Basslines I’ve heard in years. Literally amazing!”


2. Orbital ‘Belfast’ (Yotto Remix) [London Records]

“You can never beat the original but Yotto has seriously done a banging job on this and it goes down so well on the dance floor, I’d have been petrified to touch this. Big thumbs up.”


3. Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone ‘All I Need’ (Deep mix) [Music To Die For Recordings]

“I know it’s our own tune but the blood, sweat & tears that went into getting this finished and perfect was an awful lot. I’m so proud of it particularly the fact it’s the reimagining of one of my favourite tunes ever and it struck a chord with so many big DJs and hit the releases top spot on the Beatport charts recently makes it that bit more special.”


4. Joseph Ashworth – Ladder  [Disco Halal]

“Massive synth builder from Mr Ashworth. Really repetitive for the first 3 quarters of the tune which then drops into mayhem madness. Love it!!!”


5. Super Flu – Humbled K [Monaberry]

“This is a massive old skool techno ear worm made by my favourite producers. Really gets under the skin and then some. A must have”


Gai Barone:

1. Kasey Taylor & Karl Pilbrow – In the Zone [Sudbeat Music]

Big fan of Kasey’s sounds since day one, and this EP has pretty much everything I love in a track, and it’s on a label I adore.


2. Gai Barone feat Giancly Nativo – Alternative Waves (Remix) [Patternized Recordings]

“I made this remix of a track of mine, I know it sounds weird, but wanted to take the original to the next level and it worked :)”


3. Hunter Game – 6AM [Just This]

“I’m opening or closing a lot of sets with this beauty! So evocative and touching.”


4. Adana Twins – How Far Can We Go [Innervisions]

“I’m so addicted to their style, love the fact that every track is telling a story in few minutes.”


5. Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone – Boarders [Renaissance Records]

“This is one of those tunes that we created in less than a couple of hours and its still one of my favourite of our many productions together.”


Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone ‘All I Need’ feat. Kiki Cave is OUT NOW on Music To Die For Recordings
Buy / Stream it here