Melodic & progressive house legends Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone return to Music To Die For Recordings following an unstoppable run of releases and remixes on the likes of Renaissance, Lost & Found, Selador, Mobilee, Crosstown Rebels and of course, Bedrock, which will play home to their forthcoming album in Autumn.

Before that, the pair have finally released their long-anticipated versions of Air’s most successful track, All I Need. “All I Need means a lot personally to both Gai and I,” explains Luke, “it’s a track that has had a profound effect on us and with the album ‘Moon Safari’ being in our all time faves, it’s a sound we connected over. It’s soundtracked endless amazing life moments and experiences and really impacted on shaping and influencing our sound. It has been a real labour of love to get the new versions to a place we are happy and proud to release and I know something fans have long wanted.”

The recordings first surfaced as part of a new project with the song’s original co-writer and singer Beth Hirsch, with full endorsement from Air. Having only been available to a super select five DJ’s since 2021, it quickly became the most ID’d track from one of lockdown’s success stories for underground dance music; John Digweed’s highly coveted Bunker Sessions.

Perfectly capturing the timeless spirit of the original across three new versions featuring the vocal talents of Kiki Cave, Luke and Gai deliver their Original Edit along with two new mixes that transform All I Need for today’s personal listening and dancefloor experiences. The Deep Mix proceeds with deep and dubby elements offering spiritual feelings to the listener whilst perfectly suited to sunsets and hazy evenings. The Ode to Air Mix then follows, taking the classic arrangement and weaving it into an epic, emotional rollercoaster with melodically blissful vocals, hypnotic sweeping synth crescendos and dreamy, ethereal pads.

A key figurehead of the progressive house genre, Luke Brancaccio’s musical evolution has led him from frontman of the British band “Suicide Sports Club” and the chart-topping production duo of Brancaccio & Aisher to headlining international events as well as featuring on the cover of DJ Magazine. A perennial of Bedrock, with whom he has had more releases than any other artist, his cutting-edge tracks have swept the charts, generating several number ones, widespread critical acclaim and collaborations with Nick Muir, John Digweed, Nolan and Simon Berry (Platipus). An esteemed career stretching over a decade has seen Gai Barone become one of electronic music’s most sought after artists. Never one to be pigeonholed into a specific stylistic blueprint, the Italian artist effortlessly melds genres for a sound that is all his own, finding favour with many of the industry’s most respected artists.

Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone ‘All I Need’ ft. Kiki Cave is OUT NOW on Music To Die For Recordings
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