[Release]  Union Jack scores another dance floor filler called Everyday from young producer Luis Leon. After working together in Ollie Gibson’s & Andrew Brown’s “Lightfall” which gathered support from major producers and dj’s around the globe, it was just obvious the label would release and original track from this young talent who en globes and stereotypes the label’s musical aim just perfect.  Mat. Joe delivers another wonderful remix, following the same musical patterns as the original but With a deeper feel, a guitar riff …playing along a chopped vocal with a very inspirational touch. remarkable. guarantee to move you.  Following up from 2012’s great response and success of their debut track ‘Same Old Story’, Patrick & Frankie rework Luis Leon’s ‘Everyday Ain’t Forever’ by bringing a complete fresh 80’s Funk House Vibe to the mix. Check the second drop for an eyes-down, arms-up switch-up that will have the crowds stomping and smiling!


Artist:  Luis Leon
Title:  Everyday Ain’t Forever
Label:  Union Jack Records
Catalog No.:  UJR017


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