With the summer in full motion, we thought we’d bring up the heat even more with the ‘Off The Hook’ EP from Lucati.

The lead track, ‘Off The Hook’, is pretty much self-explanatory…off the hook. Lucati takes us on a techy bass journey, truly squeezing the most out of that bouncy vibe we so much love.

‘Live My Life’ follows a similar vibe with its banging groove and slick vocal arrangements leaving no one surprised about its agenda, get the crowd to put up some serious legwork.

As if these two original stompers weren’t enough, HOH commissioned Bruno Furlan and Dateless on the remix duties, and boy did they deliver. Dateless’ remix of ‘Off The Hook’ brings a more straightforward groove with solid bass work and some wonky FM stabs, definitely adding his own twist to the track. Bruno Furlan takes on ‘Live My Life’ with his typical groovy treatment while also adding some unique flava with an almost circus-like lead making it an interesting option to the original version.

Rest assure you do not want to miss this release!




Juany Bravo

Senior Editor