Italian producer Luca Olivotto is the founder and head honcho of Berlin based record label Endless Music. Former resident of the esteemed Club Chalet in Berlin, he has made his label a fine outlet for independent and beautiful electronic sounds since establishing it in 2015. January sees his debut album ‘Keep On’ drop on Endless with 11 solo cuts ranging from house to melodic techno.

Hi, great to speak with you Luca, you are originally from Italy but moved to Berlin, can you tell us why you moved and how it shaped your musical career?

Hey guys! Nice to meet you too! I moved to Berlin to find more inspiring music in the local scene and pursue my dreams and my passion: doing music. Moving here shaped and changed my perspective on the electronic music scene. On the bright side it had a positive impact on my productions and really inspired me artistically, but at the same time it was disillusioning to discover how the business here really works in clubs/venues and how important personal contacts are. So I realized it’s not only about quality of work. A lot of people are very talented and doing great work, but lack the right space and opportunities to grow.

You’ve said before that your music style is well suited for Berlin dancefloors. What is your favourite club to play in? What makes it so special?

I love Panorama Bar and Heideglühen. The right combination of vibes, music and people transforms those venues into something mind-blowing. I never played in either of them, but I hope one day I will.
For now I’m really delighted to see artists like Roi Perez support my upcoming LP.

You are the owner of the respected record label ‘Endless Music’, would you tell us the story behind its creation? What music does it focus on?

We started 4 years ago with tech-house releases and over the years we took a slightly different path towards house and techno music. Obviously the city of Berlin played a part in this evolution. The labels’ current aim is to focus on qualitative music and artists who explore their own sound as opposed to manufacturing tracks for Beatport charts. Our next step in 2019 will be the start of our vinyl-releases and the launch of my new label ‘Abstractism’, focused more on alternative electronic music: breakbeats and atypical melodies.

A lot of people are very talented and doing great work, but lack the right space and opportunities to grow.

We are very excited to hear your forthcoming debut album you are releasing on Endless! How did you find the process of putting together a full-length LP release and how long have you been working on it?

Thanks! This summer I made 70 original tracks and chose 11 of them. I tried to find the most interesting selection of tracks. It was a long process that took me more than a month to complete.

The Korg Prologue and TR-08 seem to feature prominently on the album, what other hardware/software were essentials in the process?

I used Ableton for tracking and mixing, a Motu 828Soundcard and my old Yamaha CS1x for some things.

What is a typical day like for you when you are not working?

When I’m not working on label-related stuff or producing, I scout for new djs or new tracks for my sets.

What are you interests and passions apart from producing and DJing?

I really like dancing! But the music has to be really good for me to let go and the crowd needs to support that mood! In the past I used to do tons of sport and recently I just started again in order to take care of myself. Also, I’m a passionate cook! That’s one of the reasons I started doing sports again haha.

Aside from the incredible album releasing on ‘Endless Music’ on January 7th, what can we expect from you in 2019?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m starting a new label. Meanwhile on Endless we have planned a few releases already. Up next is an EP with remixes of my album, as well as EPs with original productions by the label’s other artists such as Akali Akali. As for the rest: expect the unexpected.

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