Los Angeles based DJ and production duo Low Tide are making waves, showcasing their talent through a depth and emotion that resonates with a variety of musical souls. Respected and passionate artists Michael Sandler and Joshua Finley share a creative vision and are continuous in their efforts to utilize technical skill and refined taste to bring a unique sound to the forefront of the scene. The encouragement of friends and colleagues joined with collective experience have acted as significant factors fueling a relentless pursuit in the studio to create a vibration of their own, already catching the attention of hotly tipped labels such as Touch of Class, Motek, and Stranjjur.

Low Tide blew us away with their first podcast for Touch Of Class Records and we are elated to see them back with another smooth and emotive mix, this time for Motek.  In addition to the mix, we will also be seeing music released on Motek from the pair along with some remixes they did for the label.  The future looks big and bright for this dynamic duo and we can’t wait for all their music to come out.  Until then, we will just have to listen to this excellent podcast.