Octopus Recordings rising star, Barbuto, is coming to us out of Austin, Texas.

Almost one year ago to the date we featured Barbuto in our Hometown Heroes series. Now, fresh off his sophomore EP for SIAN’s Octopus Recordings, Barbuto has graduated to Lovecast status — the first of his kind.

Since we last spoke with Barbuto he’s been staying busy with his Kingdom Nightclub residency in Austin, playing the Octopus Recordings showcase at BPM, and releasing his second EP entitled Vantablack on the pristine techno label.

We love watching perseverance pay off is this often cut throat music business, so we’re happy to see Barbuto grow so much since we first met him during SXSW 2013.

Check out Barbuto’s new mix and learn more about him in the interview below.

Lovecast Episode 141 – Barbuto

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Track List:
01) Bubbles (Original Mix) – Metodi Hristov
02) Turn The Lights (Nick Curly Remix)- Christian Smith
03) Eagles from Space (Alt Mix) – Pig&Dan
04) Reflex (Original Mix)- Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov
05) Truganini (Original Mix) – Reset Robot
06) Because (Original Mix)- Dema, Electronic Empire
07) unknown
08) The Specialist (Hollen Remix)- Miguel Bastida
09) Spirit That Shit (Hollen Remix) – Diego Infanzon
10) The Solution (Original Mix)- Eddie Amador, Uto Karem
11) Can’t Criticize – Barbuto

Interview with Barbuto

How did you first get introduced to underground dance music? What inspired you to turn your fixation into a profession?
I walked into a Drum and Bass room at a classic West Coast rave in Norther California back in 1999 and I instantly knew that from that moment on it’s what I was all about. It took quite some time to finally end up on the techno side of things but its been a really fun journey since that day.

What has been the most exciting turning point of your career so far?
Releasing an EP on my favorite label (Octopus Recordings) with a remix by techno’s man of the hour Enrico Sangiuliano! And…playing at Space in Miami was a big moment too!

What city do you call home?
Austin, Texas has become my home and where I am from. The people and the love and support I get here are fully responsible for everything.

How does where you live influence your music?
Well I live in a 36 foot 5th wheel pop out travel trailer in the middle of a forest a solid 4 miles from the nearest major road with all my studio gear. There is wildlife all around me when I produce and a swimming hole with a water fall 30 ft from my door so aside from that explanation I don’t know what else to say, I am just lucky.

If we were visiting your hometown, what clubs and/or parties would we want to check out?
Kingdom is our home for quality underground dance music with tier 1 artists rotating through the club Thursday through the weekend. It has one of the best sound systems in the world and its usually the most fun party any dj plays on the tour they are on. The club is run and owned entirely by dh’s so you really feel the love. I do a quarterly party there with the owner Remington Steele where we play back to back from 10pm till 5am. I would go to that one if I were you

What about restaurants?
So Austin pretty much revolutionized the food trailer phenomenon. We have dozens of food costs with Air Stream trailers serving the tastiest chef creations you will ever eat. If you come to Austin find these online and invade them, they are so good.

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer trying to make their mark on the world? How much of it is being at the right place at the right time?
I think these days if you want to do it right you need to stay home and produce music every day until you start to sound close to the music you love that is on top. This might take years so be patient. Dj at home and do as many house parties as you can for practice but let your producing dictate your dj ing not the other way around, and for God’s sake don’t be a fake dj and buy your way to the top. There are way to many underwear model dj projects breaking into the underground scene these days with sub par DJ booth control.

What’s on the horizon for Barbuto in 2016 and beyond? 
A steady stream of releases on great labels and some awesome nights here in Austin as well as some regular nights at Space in Miami as well as SF, Salt Lake City and el Paso.

Dream gig…

Dream collab…
Just happened this week with the amazing Enrico Sangiuliano

Dream label…
Already on it, Octopus Recordings

Name one track that has been lighting up dance floors for you…
Enrico Sangiuliano’s X Pollination is extraordinary

Tell us about your mix…
So this was a fun mix that I wanted to share with you guys from a party I played recently with Josh Wink. It’s dark and fun, super groovy. It’s exactly where my head is at the moment.

Drink of choice…
Sparkling Yerba Matte tea with Mezcal


Jimbo James
Managing Editor