Guadalajara, México bred producer, Gabriel Sordo, joins the Lovecast ranks.

Having produced many great house and techno tunes as one-half of Balcazar & Sordo for labels like Culprit, No.19, and Culprit, Gabriel is branching off on a solo quest. So far he’s been hitting the road–playing gigs in Tijuana, Panama, Ecuador, and Berlin; and also putting work in the studio working on new original music and reworking some Nicolas Jaar tunes.

Gabriel is one of the most kind and genuine people we’ve met in the industry so we’re excited to feature him.

Lovecast Episode 136 – Gabriel Sordo

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Track List:
Uslo – Pamoja
Baba Stiltz – Dei2
Axel Boman – In The Dust Of This Planet
DJ Prinsloo – Tumbuka Slezz (Dub strumental Edit)
Tigerskin – Burning Down Paris
John Talabot – Without You
Basti Grub – Hang Over feat Mike Trend
Ryan Davis – Brun  ( Luca Bacchetti Endless remix )
Ryan Davis – Brun  (Matthiad Meyer )
Ki Creighton & Makanan – (Miguel Lobo and Andre Butano remix)
Alexi Delano – We Should out
Tigerskin – This Place Is Empty Without You (Dub)
Matt Karmil – Moment
Tosca – Fly Away (Original)

Interview with Gabriel Sordo

How did you first get introduced to underground dance music? What inspired you to turn an obsession into a profession?
In one of his travels to Europe in 1996, my brother brought with him the álbum ” Walking Wounded-Everything But The Girl”. That was my first approach to electronic music along with other bands like Hooverphonic , Portishead , The Beloved.

What has been the most exciting turning point of your career so far?
Play the music that I really like in places that I never even Knew for amazing people around the world.

What city do you call home?
Guadalajara, where I grew up

How does where you live influence your music?
I don’t know how exactly my city has influenced me, but all my family and friends lives here, I have been living here since I was a kid so I really love this city. This is my home so here is where I feel most comfortable.

If we were visiting your hometown, what clubs and/or parties would we want to check out? What about restaurants?
When I travel the first thing the I miss the most is the Tortas ahogadas and defenitly my favorite restaurant is Pipiolo (steak house). About the clubs we have the best club in Mexico, the name is Bar Americas, this club has been delivering some of the most interesting DJ ́s and musicians to México for more then 10 years, we are really lucky because is here in Jalisco.

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer trying to make their mark on the world?
Be grateful, be persistent, be patient, and be humble, because you never know…

What’s on the horizon for Sordo in 2016 and beyond?
For me right now it ́s to be focus in my music and trying to invers more time in the studio. I have some new music coming up in very good labels with some good artist envolved , also I ́m returning to Berlin this summer to Renate doing Russia and for the first time Yalta in the cost of the black sea

Dream collab…
Very dificult question but I have to say Beth Gibbons from Portishead or Gustavo Cerati from soda Stereo or people like Axel Boman , Boards of Canada to say something about…

Dream label…
Studio Barnhus , Karlovak , Dirt Crew, just to name some… because they always have provide good music beyond the gender. If is slow or fast what is matter is the quality of the music .We live in a time where we have so much tools to find music, so the outlook is infinite.

Hobbies outside of music…
Jogging, cinema and a good beer

What touristy activities do you like doing when visiting a foreign city?
Eat, drink a beer and spend time with the people I knew there… and off course walk into the city

Name one track that has been lighting up dance floors for you…
I have been using this track for more than 5 years: The Jammers – Body Action (Jokke & Hagerup Big Room Hair Do). It ́s old but its a jam.

And I ́m also playing this a lot right now: Axel Boman – In The Dust Of This Planet

Tell us about your mix…
Since I remember I used to do mixes and podcast of all kinds, I ́m a very compulsive about looking music and buy them (all kids of music). I ́m constantly traveling but I always take the time to buy music. I can say that I use 20% of what I buy in my gigs, and that ́s what I love about do mixes; I can put the other percent that I never use… the kind of music that I never have the time of play…not even in the after party

Drink of choice…
Coffee and Beer (Corona, por favor)

Connect with Gabriel Sordo
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Jimbo James
Managing Editor