Hanne & Lore–the German super duo that have been spreading sweet tech house in our ears like jam on toast–are this week’s Lovecast guests.

The two released their first solo EP, ‘An Der Waterkant,’ on the influential record label Monaberry in 2009; since then Hanne & Lore have produced some of the most infectious music on the market for Kittball, Style Rockets, Sunset Handjob, a second solo EP on Monaberry, and a gang of tracks for their own label Heulsuse–one of which, their latest creation for Heulsuse, ‘Samara,’ was spotlighted in our Top 20 Tracks of June 2015 Love List feature.

We’re enamored by the Monaberry crew and the talent they selectively spew into the musical universe. Hanne & Lore have been on our radar for awhile so this is a special moment for the MI4L Lovecast series.

Learn more about Hanne & Lore in the interview below.

Keep pressing play, Lovers!

Lovecast Episode 118 – Hanne & Lore

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Interview with Hanne & Lore

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
Thanks for having us and cheers from Germany!

You guys have been in the music business for quite some time, how has the house music culture evolved in recent years? Where do you see it going?
It`s going on and on! The sound changes constantly throughout the years–techniques do so, too. The biggest differences are the need for social media the past few years, the ability for everybody to make electronic music, and building up their own digital label. It’s good in general to have so many opportunities for people but there is a lot of crap out there–(regarding 2000 new releases on Beatport every week).

Balancing tour time, production time, and a label is no easy feat. How has running Heulsuse affected your career? What’s on the plate for the label 2016?
It`s nothing special to have your own label running nowadays, but it`s very important. Not only to release your own music or your friends stuff, but to have a base and realize your ideas the way you like. It`s easy to start a digital only label but we still make vinyl and cassettes via Heulsuse, and that takes quite some work to do for every release. For 2016 we keep going on with our crew and bring some crazy tunes. Also there will be some Heulsuse label nights in different locations to have a good time altogether.

What’s on the gig agenda? When can we expect some more U.S. dates?
We’re on tour every weekend, but mostly in Germany and Europe! We really enjoyed our short stops in the United States and Canada in 2014 and 2015, but hope to come back for a larger tour next year.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, what music is on the horizon from Hanne & Lore in 2016?
New tracks of our own are coming on Monaberry and Heulsuse soon! And there are some specials and collaborations waiting for us… we’re really excited for new music adventures.

Dream gig…
Generally, every gig is a dream itself because we’re doing what we always wanted to do – and that’s making music.

Dream label…
Of course monaberry – the home of our buddies Super Flu.

Dream collab…
Steffen: I would really love to do an official remix for Depeche Mode.

What’s one track you throw down to get everyone on the dance floor?
Hanne & Lore – Supergirl
seems to be one of our alltime working favourites.

Tell us about your mix…
We don`t think that much about strategies for a mix or podcast. We just take our most favorite tracks at the moment and that`s it! Around 50 minutes in is our new remix for ‘Remcord’ – ‘The Good Life’… so we hope you enjoy.

Drink of choice…
Steffen: Vodka Tonic plus lots of Soda water
Stefan: Gin Tonic


Check out the latest jams from Hanne & Lore…

Remcord – The Good Life (Hanne & Lore Remix) [Atmosphere Records]

Hanne & Lore – Karma Supra [Kittball]


Jimbo James
Managing Editor