People are a product of their thoughts; for Ramiro Lopez, music is on his mind 24/7.

Talented Spanish producer, Ramiro has composed numerous awe-inspired techno tracks for the world’s most prominent underground labels: Bedrock, Noir, Octopus, Terminal M, SCI+TEC, Sincopat, and a staple feline on Coyu’s Suara Music. Ramiro’s latest EP’s, ‘Easy Going‘ on Toolroom Trax and ‘Truce‘ on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital, are a testament to his energizing imagination that comes to live in the studio.

Fresh off his second summer residency in Ibiza with the Suara gang, Ramiro has been gigging like no other in 2015; ADE, an India tour, Marenostrum Music Festival, Sónar, and BPM to name a few. Constantly on the move and rocking dance floors worldwide!

We feel fortunate to add Ramiro Lopez to the Lovecast roster and hope you enjoy the music. Read more about Ramiro in the interview below.

Keep pressing play, Lovers!

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Interview with Ramiro Lopez

Thanks for taking time to chat with us!
Thanks to you for having me! Pleasure

How did you initially get into DJing and producing? Do you recall a specific moment of inspiration?
I was a​ DJ years before I started with production. I fell in love with this the first time I saw a DJ performing live in a club called ​Family Club, a ​famous one in the area where I live. After​ some time, I felt the need to​ express myself  by doing​ music and then my world totally changed. Now music is in my mind 24/7.

Where are you currently based? How does the local scene influence your music?
I have my apartment in Madridejos,​ a​ village ​in​ Toled​o​, in the centre of Spain. I​’​ve​ been ​living ​in Madridejos​ since I was born and I​’​m more​ than happy with ​the area​ as it’s not far from Madrid and I have everything I need here. There is a club in Madridejos,  it​’​s name is “Cuevas”, It​’​s beautiful and quite big for a village​ club​. I​t​ used to be one of the most famous in the area and I​’​ve seen many DJ​s​ pay there and of course ​at ​Family club.​ Family Club​ is just 30km from where I live​ and one most important places for the electronic scene not only for this area but for Spain. I’​ve learned lots and discovered many artists there.

Which do you enjoy more tour time or studio time? Why?
I can​’​t split them​ as​ I love them both! During the week ​I’m​ working every day in the studio. I love to spend hours and hours making music, time flies here! But whenever ​I’m​ producing, I always​ have​ the dancefloor in my head and ​the​ need to play​ and​ feel the energy of the audience. I have so much fun and I can​’​t live without it.

What has been the most challenging element of your career?
Maybe the step of ​quitting​ my old job and​ doing music full time, but​ it was a​ risk​ I needed to ​take​​. When I did it and​ just​ focused ​​on​ ​my​ music, magic ​things​ happened and everything started to work.

Do you have any hobbies aside from music?
I love food,​ cooking and also the​ gym, and other sports.

What’s on the horizon for 2016?
Touring regularly​ in the​ USA,​ as I’ve ​just​ received​ my artist​’​s ​v​isa​,​ and ​S​outh ​A​merica. ​I can​’​t wait! ​I’ll also be​​ doing my first Asian tour in the first part of the year​ and​ keep playing​ across​ Europe and ​making​ my​​ ​debut​ in the countries​ that I​ stil​l haven’t had​ the chance to play​ at yet​. Regarding production, I have some specific​ goals that I’m​ already working on and some of then are about to happen! I believe 2016 will the the most important year of my career so far.

Dream gig…
Gashouder – Amsterdam

Dream label…

Dream collab…
Alan Fitzpatrick

Name one track that is lighting up the dance floors…
Frankyeffe – My Beat

Tell us about your mix…
I recorded it live at Klub K4 in Ljubljana​, it’s an a​mazing underground club. Dark, great sound system and full of techno lovers, just the way I like it. This was my debut in Slovenia and I ​hope to come back soon.

Drink of choice…
Beer–I love it!


Jimbo James
Managing Editor