One cannot get classier than Lars Behrenroth; when it comes to the true independent nature of music and sticking to your guns, Lars excels. DJ since ’86, radio host since ’96, producer since ’97, and label owner since ’08; Lars Behrenroth does it all… and does it well.

Based in Los Angeles, Lars is known famously for his masterful selections and has decades of experience between playing innumerable dance floors world wide or hosting several successful global radio shows. His well-known radio show and subsequent record label and apparel brand, Deeper Shades Of House (DSOH), has been giving house music DJ’s and producers, veterans and up-and-comers alike, an organically grown platform to blossom. Whether it’s selecting the next track in a DJ set, choosing guests to feature on the radio, or hand-picking demos to sign to the label, Lars’ taste in music is sturdy and faithful to the underground. 

If you’ve been a house music junkie the past 20 years or so then you’ve most certainly danced to a handful of Lars Behrenroth tracks. His skillful productions have seen releases on Jimspter’s esteemed label Freerange Records, Compost, Liebe Detail, and frequently on Deeper Shades Recordings.

Deeper Shades has housed original music and remixes from many stellar producers since 2008: Andre Lodemann, Atjazz, Jay Tripwire, Stimming, and of course Lars Behrenroth. Keep an eye out on DSOH for lots of Free Downloads coming down the pipeline.

We’re honored to share Lars with our Lovers for this special Lovecast episode. Check out the interview below to learn a little more about Lars Behrenroth. And as always, keep pressing play!

Lovecast Episode 113 – Lars Behrenroth

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Interview with Lars Behrenroth

How was your South Africa tour? What is one thing party-goers in South Africa do better than anyone else?
This was my 7th South Africa tour and it seems they just keep getting better and busier. I played 8 gigs in 11 days plus recorded two DJ sets for TV shows. The reception of Deep House music in SA is unlike anywhere else. The crowd is extremely educated about the music they love.

Where did you get the inspiration to start up Deeper Shades of House? What do you think is the key element to building and maintaining a successful brand like DSOH?
I’ve been doing radio since 1996 and Deeper Shades Of House is actually my third show. The main motivation behind DSOH is to be able to share music I really enjoy and think everyone should be exposed to with the world. Too many people are playing the same music, follow a hype or play what they think is hot at the moment. I play what I like and have created a following which knows to trust me. But I also always say, not every show is for everyone. If you don’t like one episode, wait until next week

What forthcoming releases on Deeper Shades are you particularly excited about?
It’s not as much particular releases but what I am doing with the label. Digital sales are on the way down and I have decided to give away most of the music for free. Look out for the tag #DeeperShadesDownloadTuesdays and you’ll see what I mean.

What’s on the horizon for you the remainder of 2015?
I might return to South Africa for one more tour before the year is over since December is the biggest party month in the country. I have a remix about to drop on Pat Lezizmo’s vinyl label Muzik & Friendz as well as a few things lined up for my label Deeper Shades Recordings.

Dream gig…
When I play a gig where people love exactly what I feel and give me total musical freedom, no requests, no weird vibes, a lot of smiling faces. That’s my dream gig. I’m lucky to have quite a few of those

Dream collab…
I’m kind of a musical loner. Maybe it’s control issues or maybe I’m just shy but I’m most comfortable making things myself.

Name one track that has been igniting the dance floor recently…
I’m very much into Jazuelle’s remix of Fred Everything feat. Jinado “Searching” and have been getting great reactions every time I drop it!

Tell us about your mix…
The mix is a one hour live recording of the first gig on my recent South Africa tour, recorded at the POI Launch party in Newcastle, KwaZulu–Natal and includes a few tracks from my label Deeper Shades Recordings as well as a variety of deepness from Russia, Germany, South Africa, US and the UK.

Drink of choice…
It used to be vodka soda, but recently I’ve been moving to bourbon and occasionally scotch on the rocks or neat, depends which brand the bar carries.


Jimbo James
Managing Editor