For the human eyes . . . . Born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador (Country located in the half of the world) where he is an Icon in the ‘underground scene of electronic music’ and the most important influence for the new generation in this exotic place. Andre Salmon, is the owner and founder of two exotic music labels next to his partners, Chris C. and Rogg; Anima Somnis (Dub Techno with minimalistic textures and mental melodies that molds the human resonance and vibration of the universe) and Maniacs (A home for the isolated tunes, going from independent electronic music and deep house to indie rock and chillout music), both labels have too much to tell. About music . . . . Andre Salmon went back to past to find his roots, this research reading about evolution and ancient tones, this knowledge made a new shape on his music, transforming into light, darkness, sadness and unknown feelings. He says ‘All is about resonance’; Thats why is working with ‘sacred resonances’, and frequencies lower than 20Hz, this low frequencies aren’t made to listen, are vibrations that helps perceive hidden emotions. Actually, he is working on the labels (Maniacs / Ouch! and Anima Somnis), and more musical projects with the team as ‘The Silicone Savages’ and ‘Seven Years Traveling Between Past & Future’, and many more. Andre Salmon also is working in his new project [ Mëråčº ] and performing his new ‘live act’ called: [ I’m The Råinº ]

Lovecast Episode 111 – Andre Salmon

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Interview with Andre Salmon

So how did you get mixed up in this crazy world of electronic music?
Well I was out of home all the time when I was 13, I make punk rock music with my guitar since I born I think ahha and I dont know just one day some older friends, in that time maybe 13 me and 19 them, they take me to arave party and that how all starts….. By the way Im still making punk rock music!!

Can you tell us a little about the scene in Ecuador and what’s it such a hot spot for dance music right now?
Honestly the best spot for raves parties is in Montañita in LOST BEACH club, and talking about the scene in Ecuador…. mmmm I dont know, we have a lot of artists and djs, new kids making their own thing, on parts Is better than before, I think now we have the people but you know, the law is always making shity things…. lol

We love you label, Anima Somnis, can you tell us a little about it and what your objective is with the label?
I have 2 labels and a new one that Im starting now…..

My first label is MANIACS that is for general music, pop, electronic music, rock, tango, salsa, dub, breaks, noise, everything…. and Anima Somnis is our baby, a mental crazy techy minimalistic vibe, is easy… put your soul and add some techy things and poom!! Anima Somnis means the dream of the soul in Latin, we named like that because we have myhts and we believe in spiritual things, personal….

My new label upcoming is OUCH! (Painful music) and you will knoe about that soon, tay tuned…. haha

You seem to produce so much music, do you ever find yourself with writers block or do the ideas keep flowing?
I have a secret… The Petter Pan trick ”Think in happy things if you wanna fly….”

For someone who is having trouble finishing a track, what advice would you give them?
My advice is : If you can’t, call me…. or just leave the song there and go out, buy a pizza and then come back, you can try the sex also!!

What is your preferred method of production?
mmmm….. record some things with your cellphone or anything then mix that with the digital things or use analog stuff and lets play!!

Do you have a favorite synth or plug in that you always seem to go back to?
This is my fav ‘Roland TR-8 AIRA’ and also the ‘Virus synth’ but just the one from my brother Jose Wated, because that one is with my blood and smells like pizza!!

And what I use all the time is C4 from WAVES, INFLATOR OXFORD, PSP BINTAGE WARMER 2 from WAVES, L2 from WAVES, soem times another crazy things that I can tell!!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
Ohh man, toooooo muc things to release, Im wating for this great things!!

Any other big news we should know about?
I have a great thing that I want to tell BUT, I CAN’T…..yet….. SURPRISE MODAFOCKERS!

Favorite drink?
Fresh and natural watermelon juice, orange juice, or mango juice or any other fruit!!

Can you tell us a little about this mix?
This mix have old things and new things, and is very special for me because I did it, everything I do is special for me and want to share this with all the people arround the world!! Music is 4 LoooOOOvers so if you make music you make love and when you are making love you are making music (wet music).


Michael Sandler
Senior Editor