Peruvian duo — Deaf Pillow — have devoted over a decade of their of their lives vitalizing the electronic music scene in their hometown of Lima.

Producers for prominent house and techno labels: Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical and Kindisch; resident DJ’s for the mighty Loop Peru, which includes the promotion company’s branded events: Creamfields, Backyard Project and Supperclub; and label owners of Audionumb–housing artists such as Inxec, Lomez, and of course Deaf Pillow themselves. The talented and hardworking pair maintain a full plate–a necessity in this industry.

We first took notice of Deaf Pillow in 2014 when Audionumb put out the couple’s solo EP, ‘Paria;’ the Inxec remix on this EP is a staple track in our rotation; and then we featured Deaf Pillow’s spacey track ‘Pretensieus‘ off Baile Musik on MI4L’s Love List – Top 20 Tracks March 2015. These two have been a hot blip on our radar!

Known for their deep and hypnotizing vibes, the twosome have controlled numerous dance floors of well-known parties: the infamous Circoloco; Cocoon Heroes; and one of our all-time favorite throw-downs, tINI and the Gang. If you see Deaf Pillow on a bill near you, make sure to catch them while you can.

The minimal mixture of tracks from Deaf Pillow is perfect for any after-hours this weekend… or any weekend for that matter. Enjoy, Lovers!

Lovecast Episode 108 – Deaf Pillow

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Interview with Deaf Pillow

How did you two meet? When did Deaf Pillow come into play? What is the benefit of operating as a duo compared to a solo career?
We met several years ago while in college–we had mutual friends. We have been DJing for at least 10 years in Lima. We started the Deaf Pillow project 3 years ago. The benefit of a duo versus solo I would say is having two different point-of-views that we have when it comes to music selection for DJ sets and in the studio.

What’s the scene like in Lima? How is the house and techno boom affecting parties there? Do you have any residencies in Lima?
The scene in Lima is constantly growing when it comes to genres, parties, festivals, labels and producers. We are happy that the scene has many options when it comes to music or parties of choice. Still, we have more to learn but we think Lima has a nice movement when it come to underground house music. We are long time residents for Loop Peru; through them we have several residencies: Backyard Project, La Tribu, Superclub, La Huaka and Creamfields among others).

Any projects lined up on Audionumb? Does the label workload affect time put into your own productions?
For the label we have the next releases lined up on vinyl only with artists such as Funk E, Primarie, and Crocodile Soup; and for the digital side we have Costin RP, Ittara and myself coming up. We make the time for the label and our own productions.

What’s on the horizon the remainder of 2015?
 The launch of our Audionumb Limited vinyl only releases–that’s something we have wanted to do for a long time, but due to our location it’s a difficult thing to do. Now though it’s finally working out for us.

Dream Gig…

Dream collab…
Thom Yorke 

What’s one track in your current sets that have been working wonders on the dance floor?
Christian: Loquace – Momento [Tabla Records]

Rodrigo: Little Hado – Miscare [Heisenberg]

Tell us about your mix…
Our mix is a selection of records we have been playing lately in our sets and a couple of unreleased tracks on Audionumb.

Drink of choice…


Jimbo James
Managing Editor