Greece-based producer and dj — Detlef — has been extra productive and spreading his talented wings this summer. Besides his weekly residency at Steve Lawler’s VIVa Warriors every Sunday night at Sankeys in Ibiza, Detlef has been whipping many dance floors into shape all across Europe; including: Egg London; Ostend Festival in Belgium; and Button Factory in Dublin–later this month.

Detlef’s 2011 debut EP ‘Hold On‘ on VIVa Music opened the floodgates for the gifted producer. Since that fateful release, Detlef original tracks and remixes have found their way into the label catalogues of Trapez, Circle Music, Gruuv, Moon Harbour, and Electronique to name a handful. Detlef recently caught our attention with his original track ‘Footnote‘ on Moon Harbour’s Inhouse compilation series–released in late 2014. Brilliant!

We love watching talent grow and prosper and Detlef’s skills easily fall into that category. Keep an eye on this guy! In the meantime check out Lovecast Episode 103 and read more about Detlef in the interview below.

Lovecast Episode 103 – Detlef

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Connect with Detlef:
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Interview with Detlef:

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We love your work!
Thank you for inviting me. It’s my pleasure.

What came first — the dj or the producer? Which scenario is a better progression in your opinion and why?
I started producing in the mid-90’s; a couple of years later I started djing as well. The era where big dj’s are only dj’s and not producers no longer exists, so I believe producing helps a lot to become more popular and then dj shows. Its really important though to have a nice combination of both.

Busy summer for you, playing gigs from London to Ibiza, where is your home base at the moment? How does the local scene where you live influence your music?
I live in a wonderful town called Thessaloniki in Greece. We have a good scene here and it used to influence me a lot a few years ago. I am really busy in the studio now so don’t go out much anymore.

There is quite an exciting list of talent alongside your residency at Sankeys in Ibiza over the next few months. Is there anyone you are particularly excited to play next to? How has VIVa affected you career?
I can’t wait to play with Hot Since 82 because he is a great dj and a great person with really good energy. Also really excited to play with legendary Pete Tong, Groove Armanda, Leon and our favourite Guti. VIVa Warriors is a really strong party so it has been a helpful platform to present my work. Furthermore, I get inspired, more dj experience and also have a weekly base where I can meet my friends and party.

With so much fun being had on the white isle, how do you make time to get into the studio and work on your productions? Do you have any projects we can look forward to seeing in the future?
Well with so much fun on the island I made the best decision–to not to stay on the island this year. I am in and out every Sunday, so I can spend the week in my studio working. I am really excited for all my upcoming releases. The first one will be Junior Pappa & Anfonio remix on Circle, then Riva Starr & Dj Sneak remix on Snatch!, Nerdjack remix on Kling Knong, Denney’s Low Frequency remix on Ministry of Sound, Daniel Trim remix on Glasgow Underground and remixes on Circus and Resonance later on; and then I am officially done with remix work for this year.


What is one of your go-to jams to play out right now?
Pele & Shawnecy – Better For My Brain (Original Mix)

Dream gig…
Thats a hard question since I have had many great gigs of different sizes or types of venues; like from the tiny YAYA to the huge Metropolitano in Rosario. I would say that it wouldn’t matter the size or location of the venue but more the moment where all the people get to the same state of mind and lasts for hours.

Tell us about your mix.
My mix is a collection of tracks that I like or play out at the moment so it progresses a bit fast.

Drink of choice…


Jimbo James
Managing Editor