Fresh off of a guest mix with super boss Pete Tong, the hot Brazilian duo — Digitaria — have provided us with sexy number 101 in our Lovecast mix series.

Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati’s roots grow deep into the underground of Brazil and South America. After meeting Jamie Jones in 2011, and giving him a few of their unreleased tracks, D & D were miraculously added to the Hot Creations roster–debuting their ‘Masochist‘ EP in the summer of 2012. A dream come true for the two. Since then, the pair has released two more EPs and one LP, ‘Night Falls Again,’ for the leading label.

Digitaria‘s latest EP, ‘Little Boy Little Girl,’ on Of Unsound Mind, has received lots of praise in recent months–with ‘Little Boy,’ a haunting dance floor stomper, making it’s way onto John Digweed‘s ‘Live in South Beach‘ mix in June, and also squeezing into Music is 4 Lovers edition of  ‘The Love List — Top 20 Tracks March 2015.’

There is a wealth of dance music stock coming out of Brazil and Digitaria is leading the race. We’re excited to watch them continue to climb the ranks for years to come.

Lovecast Episode 101 – Digitaria

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Interview with Digitaria:

You recently relocated from Brazil to Barcelona…Can you tell us a little about that transition and if your new environment has played a roll in the music you are creating?
Of course different places bring different feelings and ideas, but we’ve travelling so much in the recent years that I can’t speak exactly about one place. Anyway, we toured Europe a lot before, and now we travel to Brazil and South America a lot.

As members of the opposite sex, what are some benefits and challenges you face while on the road and/or in the studio?
In fact it doesn’t make any difference. I had a lot good moments and a lot of problems working with people of the same sex on other projects.

Digitaria is known for putting in a lot of work on tour, do you have a favorite location that you love to play? Is there somewhere that you have yet to tour that you would like to visit?
There are good clubs and crowds everywhere. But of course there are some places that are special. The UK is special, for example, because the crowds are very open minded and we can play whatever we want and it always works. Italy is another special place, we never had a bad party there. Istambul and Dubai are also cities that we love to play. And, of course, Brazil and South America, where the audiences are always excited about new sounds.

Places we haven’t visited yet: Japan. Hope to be there soon. And a lot of other places in Asia. And Africa. We’ve played there for the first time this year and it was very special, hope to be back soon.

What music is inspiring you guys at the moment? Are there any artists or labels that you love?
We’ve been listening a lot of good stuff recently. There’s a excellent new batch of house music around. as well as a lot of interesting techno… Really good stuff coming from labels as Permanent Vacation, Hotflush, Moda Black, Hot Creations, Omnidisc and Ellum.

Where is Digitaria in the year 2020?
Probably making the same thing we are making today and have been making in the last 12 years. I am sure the music will be different and we’ll be playing in different places, but I can’t imagine we’ll be doing something really far from what we do now.

Dream gig…
Festivals are always special moments, of course. There are tons of festivals we haven’t played yet and we’d love to play. But, sincerely, a dream gig for us is any gig that the people are warm and open minded. We always go to a gig with the best energy and ready to have the best night of our lives, but when the audience is on the same mood, then the magic happens.

Dream collab…
Oh, there are so many… Some years ago we’d never even dream of making a collab with Jamie Jones of being remixed by Morgan Geist or Groove Armada, for example, and it happened. Anyway, if I had to choose one name, it would be Green Velvet. He’s been a hero for twenty years, and still is.

What is the hottest track in your crate at the moment?
Sidney Charles – Impermanence

Tell us about your mix…
We’ve chosen a lot of things that we’ve been playing lately. Modern house music and some techno and more experimental stuff. And beautiful and emotional tracks as well. 90%of it if new music, but there are two old tracks that we love: Trike’s Talk Back, a classic from Gigolo Records, our first label back in 2006 and Dusty Kid’s Milk, a very beautiful track that we never get tired of.

Drink of choice…
Vodka with cramberry juice. Vodka with coca-cola. Vodka with water. Vodka with ice. And sometimes pure vodka.


Jimbo James
Managing Editor