Budding Danish producer — Notize — started his journey into the depths of electronic music at the age of 15 — a mere five years ago. Since then he’s released prevalent jams on Aramada Music, Nervous Records, Compost, and his most recent EP, “Demons,” on Kittball; which reached Beatport’s Top 100. We first took notice of Notize earlier this year when he released his Tech House monster track “Sip” on Great Stuff Recordings. Keep your ears peeled for Notize, he has a blossoming career ahead; and we’re excited watch him grow. In the meantime, peep out our latest Lovecast Episode featuring the Scandinavian heartthrob.

Lovecast Episode 094 – Notize

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Track List:
1. Notize & Fura – Demons
2. Brame & Hamo – Ghetto For You
3. Mickey – You Know the Best
4. Freakme – Invisible
5. Notize – Sip
6. Afro Cuban Band – Something Got to Give (Space Echo Edit)
7. Ten Walls – Sparta
8. Notize – Walk On
9. Notize & Fura – Demons (KANT Remix)
10. Andhim – Domplatte
11. Pete Oak & Notize – Merula

Connect with Notize:

Interview with Notize:

Thank you for taking the time for our Lovecast feature. We’ve been following your work and we’re fans!
Pleasure is mine!

With your recent boom of success how has your life changed – for better or for worse? What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of being a young producer in an industry oversaturated with young producers? How do you set yourself apart?
To be honest my life hasn’t really changed much, I think it’s how people see your success – Of course I get to meet a lot of exciting people as my way to success and I get to travel places and call it “my job” – However, I’m working 24/7 on busting new moves and people only get to see 10% of the struggle to reach where I want to be and want to become.  It’s really frustrating and stressing to keep up as an artist and not die in the crowd of new artists / musicians. But all in all I have great people by my side and they support me 100% towards my goals and I’m super grateful for that.

Your latest EP, “Demons,” is great! Tell us how you linked up with Kittball for this release. Any other labels you’re currently working with for future releases? What is your dream catalogue to be a part of?
Thanks! The Kittball EP had a long way coming, they picked up “Demons” over a year ago but wanted a B side for the EP and it took me a year or so to land the perfect B side track (Walk On) – however I’m getting used to the waiting game in this industry, everything takes at least half a year… I’m working with some really cool labels at the moment though, to namedrop a few, Next Wave, Great Stuff, Armada, Cr2 records and Universal Music.  My dream catalogue would be Future Classic, Exploited, Get Physical , Noir, Hotflush and so on.

What news can you share with us that you’re especially excited about?
I got so many un-shown tracks waiting to come out; but like I said, everything takes a huge amount of time, which is frustrating since the tracks are fresh now. Jackmode Agency recently picked me up on their roster. My agent Chris is super cool and I know he is working hard to get me out there!  I got collaborations coming with some amazing artists such as KANT, Pete Oak, Kendra Dias, Furns and more.

What gig do you dream about?
Tough question! There are so many crazy venues out there I would love to play – DGTL Amsterdam, Coachella, BPM, Warung in Brazil, Roskilde Festival to name a few.

What track in your arsenal gets the crowd poppin’ every time you drop it?
I’m really good at crate digging tracks that sets the crowd on fire; pretty cocky to say that myself, however, those are the funnest to spin. “Layers” by Pryda works every and each time.

Tell us about your mix…
It has a lot of my recent releases featured; ofc the Kittball EP, my track “SIP” released on Great Stuff (Fun fact I did the vocals myself) and ofc Merula with my partner in crime Pete Oak!

Drink of choice…
I love pretty much all alcohol, except tequila — White Russian or Piña colada runs smooth though.