We met Click | Click hanging out at the Crew Love beach party during BPM this past festival. We clicked… really well right off the bat. Later that evening we caught the Berlin-based artist rockin’ the Smoke N’ Mirrors throw-down at La Santernera; we immediately thought, “Lovecast.”

If he’s not busting his ass running two records labels — Kassette Records (with friend Superlover) and Palms & Flamingos (solo) — Click | Click is in the studio hammering out hot house tracks for labels like Cajual and Smoke N’ Mirrors. Speaking of which, be sure to check out the latest release from Click | Click “Soul Freak” on Smoke N’ Mirrors; it features a wicked remix from Wildkats to top it off. And be on the lookout for his forthcoming EP on Exploited.

Well, here it is! The 85th episode in our Lovecast series — Click | Click! Prepare to jack…

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How did you get into house music? When did DJing and producing come into play?
In the 90’s I would listen to my older cousin’s techno and house tapes, but to be honest, during the 90’s I was more into punk and grunge. Around 2000 I bought my first techno/ house vinyl records and two turntables. In the early 2000’s I moved to Berlin where I got more and more into techno, house and minimal. In 2006 I met my label partner Ferri (M_Ferri/ Superlover) and we launched our label Kassette Records. At the same time I produced my first releases & remixes under the name Click | Click.

Tell us more about Kassette Records.
As I told you, Ferri & I started the label in 2006. It was the peak time for minimal techno/ house.  We discovered great artists like Channel X, DJ Glen, Randoman, Glocal, Mikdat, Noreuil, Microbodies, Jan Ketel, Chemical Surf, Thejackinme and Volkoder. Over the years the style of our music changed from minimal (in the beginning) to funky, 80s influenced ‘deep house’ and acid house to very groovy and jackin’ house tunes.

What do you find to be the greatest challenge when it comes to managing a record label? What projects do you have coming down the pipeline that you’re especially excited about?
The whole label is a challenge! Right now I´m running two labels – Kassette Records (w/ Ferri) and Palms & Flamingos (alone). I really like all the label (office) work. I like to prepare releases, work with Photoshop or cut some small video teasers. It´s a great balance for me to producing tracks. The next EP will be by Dirrty Dishes from Hamburg, a ‘small’ Best of 8 Years Kassette Compilation will be out soon and a new Kassette Boys EP is planned in the near future.

What plans do you have for the spring and summer? Any forthcoming releases you can tell us about?
Right now I´m very excited about my upcoming EP on Exploited (Ghetto) which will be out in April/ May. An EP with my friend Benjamin Frnkln on Palms & Flamingos is nearly done. A few remixes still are waiting to be released soon and some releases on a few other great labels are in the pipeline. Surprise! Surprise! Stay tuned!

Besides studio and producing, I´ll play some club gigs and some festivals around Europe during the summer and hopefully I´ll come back to the states after the summer time. 

Click | Click getting down with Justin Martin at the Smoke N’ Mirrors BPM showcase.

What are some advantages of living in Berlin — the Mecca? What are you favorite parties to go to? What are your favorite restaurants?
Berlin is such a great city to live! I´m still in love with it! Especially in the spring and summer time. The streets, cafés, and parks are full of nice and smiling people. We only need the sea/ ocean. You have so many possibilities to do during the days and nights.

In the summer, I really enjoy relaxing and having some drinks & BBQ’s with friends in the parks, or go to some open-air parties especially on Sundays.
I don´t have any favorite parties here, but I think I prefer to go to Sunday-parties during the summer.

Another advantage is that the cost of living in Berlin is still pretty low. Ok the rents are rising and everything´s getting more and more expensive now, but in comparison to other cities Berlin is still cheaper.

Restaurants: Il Ritrovo  (Italian food), Schneeweiß (German food), Princess Kimchi  (Korean food)

Görlitzer Park

What is your go-to track to fill the dance floor at the moment?
Puhh… I´ve got a few of them.

Tell us about your mix.
Groovy & Housy & Jackin’ with 90s flavor.

Drink of choice.
Moscow Mule