We’re big fans of disco and we love zombies — heck, even my cat’s name is Zombie! True story. So we’re excited about what’s on the plate for our latest Lovecast episode — London DJ and producer Nat Self aka ZDS aka Zombie Disco Squad. Since 2008, ZDS has been consistently releasing high energy bouncing bombs on some of Mi4L’s favorite labels; such as Made To Play, Suara, and dirtybird. Nat’s latest two releases on Snatch! Records and This and That are both worthy of your precious time to check out — they’ll get dat booty shakin’ no doubt! We had a quick chat with Mr. Squad below and he prepared a lovely 3 hour mixture of house music for us to jam out to. Enjoy!

If you don’t see the mix click HERE

Interview with ZDS:

What piece of advice would a wise ZDS give to a young Nat Self about being in the music business?

OOF! Hard question! I suppose I would tell him to keep focus on doing exactly what he wants. There was a small period where I was worrying about what other people were doing and didn’t make music I wanted to (this was quite a while ago at this point).

Which do you enjoy more: tour time or studio time?

I love both! If I had to choose I guess tour time because I love to play. But it is a close call.

Tell us about your residency at Panorama Bar. Did you learn any pertinent life lessons during your tenure?

HA! I think I lost too many brain cells to have any life lessons from it. It was a incredible place to play – I think if I learnt anything it was to pace myself – that party went from 12pm to 6pm (the next day).

You recently posted a video of Davide Squillace playing ‘The Bleeps’ off your latest EP on Snatch! Records – Do you still get those warm-and-fuzzy feelings when you see your tracks being played for so many people?

It still makes me happy. I sometimes get feedback from my heroes – guys like Laurent Garnier – that make me especially happy. I think if you no longer get that ‘fuzzy feeling’ you should look to do something else.

We’re diggin’ your two latest EP’s, “Snatch! OFF15” on Snatch! Records and “Sacred Heart” on This and That – What other projects do you have coming down the pipeline?

I’m in the process of signing two EPs this second – I can’t say where – but of a similar caliber of label. I would love to do another EP on This and That also.

Where are you getting your inspirations from these days? Music-wise and business-wise…

Music-wise — Davide Squillace, Kill Frenzy (his album is incredible), Hot Creations has been putting out great music at the moment, Marquis Hawkes and loads more!

Business-wise — I thought Thom Yorke’s bit torrent album sales idea was genius.

If you could eat the brains of any person in history who would it be and why?

Einstein — I really wish I could understand the Theory of Relativity.

Drink of choice…