‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign in Thailand. Something about that changed me…’

Emerging from a childhood spent traversing the globe, Greg Pidcock joined the international scene after releasing his first single with Hot Creations in 2013. Since then he’s played at some of the leading parties in the world, including sets at DC10 in Ibiza and Detroit for the infamous Circoloco. From WMC to the BPM Festival, Greg’s colourful and playful style has been making its mark on dance floors wherever he goes, building a loyal fan base along the way.

Greg began his music career as a teenager throwing house parties and painting graffiti on the streets of Peru. His family then moved to India, where he played a role in the birth of the Deep House scene. Later in Montreal, Greg worked at the legendary Cherry nightclub as resident DJ and Creative Director, playing alongside legends while obtaining his fine arts degree in Intermedia & Cyberarts from Concordia University.

The raw, gritty tones that characterize Greg’s music depict scenes of isolation, exploration, and a search of self. Deeply connected to his art, Greg’s creativity is a cathartic process in which he uses music and visual art to understand his own thoughts and actions. He has stayed true to his roots and continues to explore both sonic and visual mediums, sometimes decorating the entire club before his parties.

Based between London and Montreal, Greg Pidcock’s music sheds colour and light on his journey through the unique locations and people that have shaped his life. With big singles and remixes coming up on Hot Creations, Culprit, Safer At Night, and Mysteries of the Mind, there will be no shortage of fresh material for your in 2014.

Where are you from and what are your musical upbringings? 

I was originally born in Canada and my Mom is from LA and my Dad from England. I was always thrilled by music from an early age and was borrowing my brothers CD’s since I can remember. I also used to play trombone and bass guitar in school band. I think that’s where my love of basslines and monophonic synths stems from!

Can you tell us how you got mixed up in this crazy world of electronic music?

I became obsessed with electronic music at the age of 13 or 14 and when I was 15 I DJ’d my first underground party and went to my first massive event. Once its in you, you really have no choice but to pursue it… It’s been 10 years already and I can’t see a future without the good beats and amazing people this scene brings together. I wouldn’t have met you, Sand, if it wasn’t for this crazy world!

Can you tell us a little about the city you live in now and the scene there?

I’ve been staying in London about 6 months now and the city is very cool! I actually lost my passport at the train station coming back from a show and this Portugese woman found it and found my facebook fanpage and I met her husband the next evening at the same station- he could barely speak English, and I can barely speak Portugese but somehow we found each other and he returned it to me. After thanking them both profusely again later on facebook, she told me in broken English, the spirits are with you, London has a lot of gold and a lot of bad people so be careful! She proved to me there are a lot of good people here and some really amazing art and music is going on all the time. Sure, you should watch your pockets on a busy touristy street, but that’s just common sense in any city.

It seems there is a large Canadian presence in our scene. What is it about this country that produces such great artists?

Honestly, I would have to say every scene in the world has some amazing artists right now, there are more music now producers than ever before. Canada has a relatively relaxed nature to it that can relatively easily support people pursing art and music goals. It’s a wonderful country in a lot of ways: the quality of life is pretty high and in many cities you can easily develop your work while lets say, working a part time job and still being able to live and make music off of that it.

You don’t just produce music, you are an amazing artist. Can you tell us al little about your art and how it correlates with your music?

Thank you! I have never been able to decide between art and music throughout my entire life. I’ve always had a deep interest in both and finding ways of connecting the two and appreciating the connections others were making with still or moving visuals and sound. Also, I was always moving and changing schools so inevitably every schools arts and music program would be different and I would gravitate to where I was feeling more comfortable. I’ve been doing a lot of painting recently and am planning a serious project for the coming months with a lot of painting work… I can’t say too much now but I bet you’ll be able to find info about it on Music is 4 Lovers when I’m ready to launch it!

What do you have planned gig wise and musically coming into the new year?

I’m gonna be at a warehouse party in Southampton later in October and back at the home spot in london at the Cuckoo Club early November. Also I’ll be planning a tour the Northeast USA in late November I’m super excited about. My brother is in NYC so it’s always great to see him.

Who are some of your favorite producers/labels right now?

Man there is some really great music out there. I am super stoked about the Kerb Staller project on Leftroom… They have some serious stuff in the works! I am also pretty psyched about my friend Andre Salmon from Ecuador. He’s just put out a tune on Get Physical and him and I have a track coming out on Saved Records later this month on my Last Night EP! I love this kid, he works hard, and I hope he does great things!

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Always try and see your weak points so you can work on them! Also you must persist. If you are making something, try and make something you would want to put on your wall or stick in a dj set. You should be comfortable enough with your work to want to share it. It should be part of your life!

Drink of Choice?

Beer, but nothing beats watermelon juice on a super hot day either.

Can you tell us s little about this mix?

You are delayed in the airport jumping from one sunny destination to another… so you can’t complain!  This is like the stuck in Ibiza airport on the way to Barcelona. Its a dirty groovy little one hour trip with some of the stuff I’ve really been into lately… A couple summer favourites sneakily dropped in there as well. Also, since its the Lovecast I tried to get as much love in there as possible…