If you like happy upbeat music then there is not a single doubt in our Mi4L mind that you will fall in love with Monkey Safari. The brother duo from Halle, Germany, are famed for producing the best soul-filling, heart-warming, good-vibing, can’t-help-but-have-the-biggest-smile-on-your-face kind of music. Monkey Safari’s tunes have carried us through countless sunny days and gorgeous picturesque sunsets. Huge, and we mean HUGE fans of these guys; we could not be more excited to have an exclusive Lovecast from the duo. Press play and soak it up, and be sure to check the interview below.

Connect with Monkey Safari:

Monkey Safari & Super Flu both hail from Halle and are notorious for your feel good music and the happy vibes it induces — Does your hometown have something to do with that?
Definitely! It’s the place where we live since we’re born.

You guys are brothers — When did you start getting into electronic music? Did one of you drag the other one into it or did you both fall into it together?
Many years ago we bought our first pair of turntables and a mixer to start DJing. Lars played hip hop and I  (Sven) a lot of big beat stuff. Formative influences at this time were artists like Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, and Gang Starr. From the beginning we both loved to play the crossover; we listened to different kinds of music, so it was also really interesting for us to play all those genres of music in one set… in one night. In 2008 we started with our first label What! What! and had no idea What! we were doing! During this time we also opened our own club and took our first steps into the studio.

What are your favorite cities to play? Favorite clubs/parties/festivals to play? City or club you haven’t done yet and would like to play?
Halle – Charles Bronson / Melbourne – Revolver / Fusion Festival / Le Bonheur Festival

Favorite artists right now in electronic music? What other kinds of music do you enjoy or draw inspiration from?
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, The Shins, Sigur Ros, Maler Im Hemd, The Doors, Funkmaster Flex

Favorite place to vacation? What do you enjoy in your down time?
Neverland – to do nothing

Drink of choice …

– jams & minxxxy