Tone Of Arc needs no introduction … but if for some reason you don’t know who they are, let’s just say they are the most magical union of two beautiful, cosmic, light-filled, other-worldly, higher conscious seeking, melody and music filled souls that transmit energy in the most ethereal of songs. Composed of husband and wife duo, Derrick Boyd & Zoe Presnick, they are infamous for their unparalleled and passionate productions. Their sound is truly something special and always tells a story; much more than the endless stream of beats that are being produced these days, their music is a memoir — something that moves you deeper. Be sure to scope their forthcoming release Retox/Detox on Touch of Class Records. To get into the minds of Derrick & Zoe, we give you Lovecast Episode 062, an hour long mix of eclectic jams; and an interview below in which we chat about their creative process, the music video in the making, encounter with a higher consciousness, and their favorite music …

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We’ve listened, loved, and repeated again and again your latest jam Retox; the lyrics, as is the case with most of your songs, move beneath the surface and hit deeper human emotions. What inspired you to write Retox?
That’s a heavy one. When writing music I tend to feel like I have an angel singing over my shoulder whispering messages. This was one of those songs about death and how we will spend our last hours, who they will be with, and what song will be playing. It also has implications of drug addiction and the shame we will feel in the after life if we have not lived our lives as best as we could have. Heavy vibes to transcend great obstacles and miracle.

Can you give us a glimpse into the Retox music video that you are currently raising funds to produce? Describe the dreamscape you envision…
The video production just took a massive turn as our kickstarter fundraiser had failed to reach it’s goal. It was worth a try anyway. These things are really expensive. It was going to be fucking amazing. We had everything ready. All the equipment, story board, producers and crew all ready for our signal $$. The universe has something else planned for us. The story was going to be about a pilot “me” who crashes in the desert and is severely wounded, bleeding multicolored blood all over. While on his journey to the other side he was to be accompanied by 3 spirit guides who bring him in and out of consciousness as he floats around revisiting memories of his one true love “Zoe”. Followed by some really cool original special effects. We have been contacted by an amazing well known visual artist who is interested in working with us so we will see what happens next. Something amazing is in the works. Its a secret.

You seem to be exceptionally attuned to spirituality, self, and a higher consciousness, what forms of meditation do you practice? How does meditation affect your creativity?
My entire life has been full of spiritual events that have sent me on a storm of wonderful stories and awareness. Lots and lots of UFO’s, near death experiences, a broken back, great loss of animal companions, channeling an ascended master, being completely naked and in the woods alone accompanied by a massive bear while yelling and screaming at the universe in frustration, anger, and sadness. I fell in love with meditation through the Pleiadians wonderful books channeled though Barbara Handclow, Barbara Marciniak, some other Pleiadian channels and books and meditation groups. Read in this order “Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, and Pleiadian Agenda”. Your mind and heart will be opened up to something you’ve always known as a spirit living lives over and over again. I find reading extremely boring because I have so much going on in my head. I don’t like going into other peoples heads from earth. I’ve tried everything. I can’t do it. Total snoozer. I read for a second and I’m off creating my own world imagining something way more complex and colorful. People always say your just not reading the right stuff. You are right I’m not. These Pleiadian books I could read and retain every word without trying. I even read them over and over because reading was finally enjoyable and I was getting the most from it. I later started making up my own meditations. Its very hard to control your head and thoughts in this world and meditation was the key I needed to unlock myself.

Once I stopped thinking for so long it sent into The Great Void. No time, space, light, dark, just complete nothingness and love. I was gone for minutes of an eternity but in Earth time it was several hours unaccounted for and completely conscious. I do this one meditation that is my favorite. Intense rhythmic breathing in lotus or laying down for an hour or more. Breath so deep and hard like you are blowing on a fire that won’t start. Don’t stop. Stop thinking or try as long as you can. Fill your longs completely feeling every breath as your body becomes completely oxygenated. Every cell becomes alive and starts to react electrically. Your vibration will shift into the spirit world and you will become completely high on bliss and thankfulness, self power and wisdom. You will be able to awaken the master within you in no time. You have to want it though. Don’t stop breathing. I was just going over this thought. That the human body can go days without food or water. It can only go a few minutes without air so breath more and you will become super human.

The two of you possess a beautiful flow; how would you describe your creative process when working together?
I create the beats, melodies, and often the whole song and then Zoe comes in and works her magic and then the song changes and goes somewhere else. The songs with both of us seem to have the most impact. People always say “when you too sing together at the same time it just so powerful and beautiful”. We smile and get all teared up every time.

You live and create in the wonderful city of San Francisco; what is your favorite aspects pertaining to the ambience of the city⎯the music scene, family, and culture?
We actually live about a half hour north of SF in Novato now as of 3 years ago. San Fran was where growing up for me through my 20’s couldn’t have been better. It was so fun I can’t remember most of it. The place has the rolling hills that people fall in love with and the candy necklace houses give the city it’s homey feeling. Its so artistic. All our best friends are from there and they are the ones who stand out in the music and fashion industry to me at least. SF is where Burning Man was birthed. You are experiencing a byproduct of SF when you go there. Its a shame SF is being taken over by techies and money. Clubs and arts are being pushed out for expensive robot housing. It’s totally Star Trek Headquarters now. We will always love SF no matter what happens to it but it’s a bitter taste when your favorite clubs are gone. Like every one of them.

What are your favorite places to play and visit outside of SF?
Burning Man Nevada, BPM/Papaya Playa Mexico, Fabric London, Watergate/Kater/Renate Berlin, Output/Verboten New York, Underground parties in Brescia Italy, D-edge Brazil, Electric Pickle/Tree House Miami, and every festival we can get our mic’s in that has live musicians playing instruments out in open air.

What other artists or other types of music do you enjoy listening to?
WhoMadeWho, Caribou, Pillowtalk, Signal Flow, Psychmajik, Shiny Objects, Dave Aju, Alland Byallo, Clint Stewart, Navid Izadi, anything 80’s, anthing 60’s, anything 50’s. Anything I don’t know what to call it or where it came from, anything different and creative, timeless and quality with real lyrics and skill. We love it all man..

When you’re not creating or playing music, what do you enjoy doing?
Painting, riding bike, Building shit, twiddling my thumbs, planting and propagating house plants, eating and cooking healthy, organic non GMO, local foods, meditating, but really my favorite is making music. That’s my way out and deeper in.

Drink of choice…
Water and fresh juices only the rest of my life. Used to be Margarita’s and cheep beer.


– jams & minxxxy