Lovecast 304 comes London’s Acuna Collective!

Providing a wide-spread pallette of groovin’ tunes for us, we got the chance to catch up and learn a little more about these guys and what they’re doing with Acuna in our exclusive interview below.


  1. Vitess – R1 R2 D2
  2. Black Loops & Carlo – Misterio
  3. Lavonz – Satisfied
  4. THEOS – Ol’ Dirty Groove
  5. James Saunders – Jamiroquai In The Garage
  6. Pinder – 1 Day Sheller
  7. T Jacques – Hot Java
  8. The Trip – Miss The Point
  9. DJ Life – Hypersonic
  10. Chris Stussy – Seeing & Believing (DJOKO Extended Remix)
  11. Unknown Artist – Black Hoops
  12. Men I Trust – Lauren (Oden & Fatzo Edit)

Interview with Acuna Collective

1.) What can you tell us about the Acuna Collective? Who are you guys? What is your background?

Hey MI4L – thanks for the time. Love your channel. So… the Acuna Collective is made up of four of us. You’ve got Sam, Stu, Joey & Charlie. We’re literally all best mates from school days (way back when) and have been playing out together for years and years. We ‘formalised’ it into the Collective about 3 years a go now, when we wanted to start throwing our own parties and taking things to the next level. So far, it’s been nothing but a hoot.

2.) So you run a party too. What do you think are the three most important ingredients for a good party night?

Three ingredients for a good party… dangerous question. I’ll keep it PG. First-hand experience has taught us…

  1. The crowd – we love throwing small, intimate vibe parties where everyone instantly becomes mates with the person next to them.
  2. Quality headliners – not the ones that over charge and under deliver, but the ones that just bring the right vibe from the start to the finish of their set.
  3. Slapping Sound system – doesn’t matter how good your headliner is if its pumping through a pair of tinny portable speakers.

3.) Do you have a particular music policy that follow?

The music at our parties – and that we cover on the blog – all fall within the realm of what we call ‘club-rooted electronic music’. Sounds broad, but actually it’s all about quality productions, organic tones, jazzy toplines and soulful vibes – from funk through to deep house. Rad.

4.) Tell us about your mix and how you put it together?

The mix is pretty fast and pumpy to be fair. Don’t think it drops below 130bpm throughout ha. Lots of wicked producers in there. We recorded it after one of our monthly radio shows for Music Box Radio.

5.) Can you highlight three tracks from the mix and tell us why you’ve chosen them?

  1. Vitess – R1 R2 D2 – one of our favourite French producers of the moment, Part of the Chevry Agency crewdem
  2. Black Loops & Carlo – Misterio – absolutely banging collab from two of our favourite Producers and DJ’s
  3. Lavonz – Satisfied – Bandcamp day special find. I hope they keep Bandcamp day going for ever and ever.

6.) Who is your hot tip for 2021?

Oden & Fatzo. We did a wicked interview with them recently on our blog and didn’t quite realise how early we stumbled across them (last year). Watch this space, these guys are next level.

7.) What’s up next for you guys? How do you hope to take Acuna forward in 2021?

Well we cant wait to get back into throwing non-seated, proper parties. We love how the blog is growing and want to push that to new levels. We have also started planning for our own label releases… watch this space.

8.) Apart from the obvious in the short-term, with closures of clubs, parties and festivals, how do you think the global pandemic has changed the music industry long term? How do you think the industry will adapt in the future?

I would like to think that this year has readdressed the balance a bit in the live space. Less extortionate live fees, more desire to throw quality parties, and space for smaller promoters to flourish. On the recorded side, hopefully more equitable record label deals and more even splits to allow it to become a real income source for producers – and just generally a bit of perspective from all areas of the industry now that have seen how fragile it really is…

9.) 2020 is a year we all want to leave behind. What is your mantra for 2020?

In a weird way, it’s been a year to regroup. Slow the fuck down and evaluate where you put your energy. That said, god we cant wait to get back into a festival field with all our mates!

-Acuna Collective

Turn it up & enjoy!