Lovecast 198 comes at ya from the Cuban duo, PAUZA!

PAUZA is the first female electronic duo from Cuba, Zahira Sánchez and Paula Fernández. The duo have reinterpreted the cultural current of house music by adding Latin rhythms with Cuban folklore to their style and music. Their musical and live technicalities were sharpened by their ability to mix different genres without any problems, whilealways keeping their Cuban touch. This has led them to play at important festivals such as EDC México, Bahidorá, Live Out and many others.

Among their various singles, the track “Carajillo”, a collaboration with Yadira “La Real”, adds the perfect voice to bring the essence of Cuban sounds. The Cuban duo continues to captivate the music industry throughout the continent with their single “Jungle Fever”, this time under a line of Deep House and vocals in Spanish, this song builds a panorama of the typical Cuban environment full of forests and fields. PAUZA’s latest release is their remix of the song Samim “Heater”, which takes you on a walk through the original sounds of Havana to the bass of a disco.

This 2020, PAUZA has a lot of music to come, starting with a collaboration with Daniel, Me Estás Matando “Por Qué Tan Sería”, is a mambo-inspired musical fusion that incorporates a timeless and stimulating Cuban sound that stays with its roots and essence. On the electronic music side, PAUZA released a new EP with the renowned music label, Get Physicial Berlin. This EP is a perfect mix that evolves from its Cuban folklore and its essence with electronic rhythms, combined with the original house music of PAUZA and its unique sound.

“Our music represents how we live every day in Cuba; it is a lifestyle to which we wanted to attribute a soundtrack.” – PAUZA.







– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor