Trending Italian duo, The Deepshakerz, put together a hot mixture of tunes for our 251st Lovecast episode.

The two have been towards the top of our list of favorite producers for quite awhile. With music out on massive labels like Toolroom, Suara, Kittball, Saved, Cajual, Defected, Snatch!, NONSTOP, Glasgow Underground, Under No Illusion, and Safe Music, The Deepshakerz’s style is a perfect blend of vocals, afro-beats, 90’s tech, and Chicago house music — right up our alley!




1- Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro – Lovery (David Mayer remix)
2- Dave Andres – Hashish Ou Opium
3- Craig Williams – Don’t Let go
4- Riccardo De Polo – Funk It Up
5- Christian Neilsen – Hot Sauce
6- The Deepshakerz – Blue Marimba
7- Daniel Rateuke – Marvelin
9- Queen – Another One bites The Dust (George Smeddles Bootleg)
10- Aday Chinea – Everybody
11- Jay Mexx – I was Crazy
12- Taty Munoz – Selecto





– jams
Jimbo James