Sven & Sven, aka Pornbugs, have been laying down the minimal bricks since 2005. As owners of the super underrated record label, Bondage Music, the two have released a gamut of deep tech tunes from artists like Mihai Popoviciu, NTFO, James Dexter, Markus Holm, Dilby, Aquarius Heaven, Peter Matko, Gregory S, and of course, the duo, themselves. Aside from their own label, Pornbugs have produced original music and remixes for a handful of cool labels — most recently Toolroom Records as part of the label’s 2019 Miami sampler.

Pornbugs are unsung heroes in the world of minimal house and we’re excited to feature the German couple on our 242nd Lovecast episode. Enjoy!







– jams
Jimbo James