Our next installment of the Lovecast mix series comes form Hot Creations producer, Sizeup.

Self-taught DJ, and producer, Jamie Burley’s passion for electronic music kicked off in the 90’s when he’d turn up at school discos with a bag of vinyl filled with an array of sounds from Detroit techno, Chicago, and acid house inspired by the likes of Frankie knuckles, Adonis Smith, kevin Saunderson, Santonio Echols, and Todd Terry, to name a few.

Years later Sizeup was known in York & Leeds for his 5 years of terrace after-hours parties. Sizeup had his own unique sound built from catchy basslines to chopped up vocals hooks and solid grooves.

Now in 2019 he’s back with his biggest release to date, the Perplexer EP on Hot Creations, and much more to follow. Expect the usual invigorating sound of Sizeup to bring energy to every dance floor!




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor