Mega Belgian producer and label boss LouLou Players joins us for our 233rd Lovecast episode.

As a lifelong electronic music aficionado, Jérôme Denis has been a major player (pardon the pun) in the game. Producing hot tunes on labels like Bunny Tiger, Snatch!, CUFF, Kittball, King Kong, and of course his own label LouLou Records, which he co-runs with long time friend Kolombo. The two have delivered an exorbitant amount of jams to the world via LouLou Records from artists like Sirus Hood, Amine Edge & Dance, Vanilla Ace, Finnebassen, Sharam Jey, Miguel Campbell, Classmatic, Fran Bortolossi, Jean Bacarreza, and many tunes from LouLou Players and Kolombo themselves.

We’ve been hot the trail of LouLou Players since we started the blog in 2011 so this is a special episode on our Lovecasr series. Enjoy!

Download, tracklist, and interview below…





  1. Loulou Players & Malikk – Instagram – Loulou records
  2. Branzei – What! – Loulou records
  3. Sinner & James – Sellin’ Bass – Loulou records
  4. Mason – Disruptor (Pimpo Gama remix) – Loulou records
  5. Sirus Hood & Dakar – Mutha Funka
  6. Papa Marlin – Touch – Loulou records
  7. Loulou Players & James Mac – She Walks – Loulou records
  8. Kolombo – Under The Tom – Loulou records
  9. Malikk – I Don’t Give A F*ck – Loulou records
  10. Loulou Players – Fly – Aimec rec.
  11. Sinner & James – Preacher Man – Loulou records
  12. Groove Killah, Fenix J – Rap Machine – Loulou records
  13. Pax – Happy Pills – Sola
  14. KlangKuenstler – Pop Dem Bottles (Detlef remix) – Elrow Music
  15. Deeft – Don’t Stop It – Loulou records
  16. Loulou Players & Wally Lopez – I’m Not Afraid

Interview with LouLou Players

How did you first get introduced to dance music?
As a Belgian, I’ve been in touch with electronic music from a really early age.

It has been always something natural for me to listen to this music.

What is the most challenging part of becoming a full-time producer and touring artist?
Actually, the challenging part is that you never know how “tomorrow” will be, you have to be flexible and dynamic. That’s the way I am, I like to live at 100 km/h

Tell us about your relationship with Kolombo, how did you come to start your record label LouLou Records?
We’ve been best friends for over a decade. We are used to working together, no long talks needed, we just know each other.

We started the label as we needed a platform to release our tracks, so naturally Loulou Records was born.

What was the vision/project behind the imprint?
We want to release tracks we love to play, and also really focus on newcomers. We want to give aspiring producer a chance, so we really to everyone’s demos.

How do you feel the label has grown in line with the electronic dance scene in Belgium?
Actually, in my opinion, it hasn’t grown with the Belgian scene. For sure we have some fans in our own countries, but our main audience is based in South America. Stats do the talking, and Brazil and Argentina are our biggest audiences.

You’ve just dropped the third installment to your ‘Pendrive’ series, what is the inspiration behind the collective?
The idea of the series is to release a singles compilation, a mix which is available as free download and also free CDs.

I want to release tracks that I have been playing in the last weeks/months.

This includes confirmed artists from the label such as Malikk, Pimpo Gama and also newcomer such as Kormak or Korvo as well.

What has been the most exciting turning point of your career so far?
The big turns for me have been my “hum hum” track with Sharam Jey, released on Bunny Tiger… It really exposed me to a new international audience, leading onto my first tour in South America. That has been a huge kick for me.

Where are you currently based? If someone were visiting there for the first time, what clubs and/or parties and/or restaurants would they want to check out?
I’m still living in Namur, Belgium. It’s a small lovely city, we have the chance to have really great places to visit and restaurants over there. I would advise to visit: Upkokk, my favourite restaurant, the chef is a good friend and an incredibly passionate person, it’s a great experience.

Bistro Phil is also a place I really enjoy, if you like Spanish influenced cuisine, this place is for you.

Pépite, is also one of my top spots in town. Mainly oriented to tapas, you will for sure discover some amazing flavours.

For the night life, we don’t have any regular clubs, but it’s possible to have a nice drink in some of the bars we have in town. I’m still promoting parties up to 5 times a year in the town, which we call “Music Please”. I started the project 15 years ago.

To simply have a drink in an original Belgian place, I would advise to go to “Art Salon”, it’s just celebrated its first birthday and is already a must go place in town, the owners are really good friends of mine, and believe me with them, you’ll have fun.

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer?
First piece of advice is work hard! Whatever you do in your live, if you are passionate and in search of your dream work, work hard is always the key.

Even if you don’t reach your targets, with hard work you’ll never have regrets.

Second is, Never Give Up… For sure some artists are lucky to be “famous” at a young age, but there is no magical tip… this can happen to you at 18, 25, 30, 40 years old… So if you are passionate enough, work hard and never give up!

What’s on the horizon for you in 2018? 
I had such a good summer with really great gigs and amazing meetings, I hope the second part of the year will follow this road.

I just released the “My Pendrive 3.0” compilation, and by the end of September I will have an EP with Malikk on Loulou records and in October a single release with Wally Lopez.

For the label, we have a busy schedule at the moment with an agenda fully booked till march and releases every 2 weeks.

As main releases, I would mention an ep of Kolombo, 2 EPs of the super talented Sinner & James, and also a strong EP from Brazilian talent, Classmatic. Please keep an eye on him!

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?
I’m a sport addict, and I’ve been mountain biking since I was a teenager. But with a busy life on tour, mountain biking isn’t compatible, so I run quite often.

I really enjoy taking part in competitions when I have time for it.

What are some touristy things you do while playing in a foreign city?
I like to visit the main spots of the cities I visit when I have time enough. I generally run a lot on my days off when touring, it’s a good way to visit and enjoy the cities.

I also like to check out the restaurants.

Dream gig…
I really would love to go play at Burning Man, that’s been a spot on my to do list for over 7 years…

Pacha Ibiza would be also something special, I really love that club and his atmosphere.

But to be honest, I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve played in some of my dreams venues such as Warung Beach Club, D-Edge, Vibe Club, Kazantip, Tomorrowland.

Tell us about your mix…
I wanted to offer a selection of the forthcoming tracks on LouLou Records, or some of my upcoming releases linked with some of the tracks I really dig at the moment. Hopefully you guys will enjoy that mix.

Drink of choice…
At home, water / orange juice. At the party vodka & Sprite.



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