Berlin-based artist, Florian Kruse, delivers a deep and steady set of tunes for our 221st Lovecast episode.

Since 2007, Florian Kruse has released countless tunes on labels like Noir, Poker Flat, Suara, OM, Bedrock, Anjunadeep, Dear Deer, Milk & Sugar, Dirt Crew, OFF, Einmusika, and Selador.

We’ve following Florian Kruse for a hot min so we’re pleased to have him onboard the Lovecast series. Enjoy!

Download, tracklist, and interview below…





  1. Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard pres. TheGround – Creature (Stelios Vassiloudis Remix)
  2. Denis Horvat – Paradon
  3. Jay Shepheard – Red Tape
  4. Florian Kruse & Justin Massei – Norrsken
  5. Alex Niggemann – Exos
  6. Patrice Baumel – The Hatchet
  7. Florian Kruse – Beyond The Bloom
  8. GHEIST – Nuan
  9. Nicolas Masseyeff – Muse
  10. Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard pres. TheGround – We Own The Night (John Monkman Remix)
  11. Undercatt – Cabana

Interview with Florian Kruse

How did you first get introduced to dance music? What is the most challenging part of becoming a full-time producer and touring artist?
I got introduced to dance music through my older brother who is a music producer and DJ, too. He is 8 years older than me. When I was a little kid he was already playing records and producing music. Every now and then he showed me some of his new records and when I was 15 he managed to get me into a nightclub in Hamburg cause he knew the bouncer at the door. I remember Ian Pooley was playing and the vibe was amazing. That was definitely a moment that has triggered my wish to become a music producer and DJ.

The profession of a full-time producer and touring artist is not as easy as most of the people think it is. It’s a tough job with lots of ups and downs and heavy working hours sometimes, too. You can’t take anything for granted in this scene and you need a lot of faith into the stuff you are doing. The toughest part is consistency I think. Even if it’s not easy all the time I can say that I love my job and I am happy that I can make a living out of something I really enjoy doing.

What has been the most exciting turning point of your career so far?
In 2015 I managed to sign six tracks to my most favorite labels (Poker Flat Recordings, Green and Noir Music) in only two weeks. I think releasing on those labels was a turning point in my career for sure. After shooting out the emails, I was super excited that they have signed the tunes as I was not expecting three times a ‘Yes’.

Where is your home base? If someone were visiting there for the first time, what clubs and/or parties and/or restaurants would they want to check out?
I live in Berlin. Speaking about clubs I would recommend the classics: Watergate and Berghain.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Berlin and I am just trying to break it down for you. I personally love to eat Asian food at Kuchi in Berlin Mitte, Italian food at Il Ritrovo in Friedrichshain and in my opinion you get Berlin’s best Burgers at Burgermeister in Kreuzberg. I don’t like it too fancy though. For me the place has to be real and the quality of the food has to be good.

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer?
Believe in your music and keep on doing what you are doing. Don’t give up too early. Things take time and there are some parts in this business you can’t control. You need a good portion of luck as well as a good timing to step up to another level.

What’s on the horizon for you in 2018?
I have just released my ‘Beyond The Bloom EP’ on Steve Bug’s Audiomatique Recordings and there are a few more releases planned for the rest of the year. I have collaborated on a two-track EP with Fake Mood releasing end of June on Exploited and signed another track together with my friend Justin Massei to Dave Seaman’s 5 years of Selador Edition. The track is called ‘Norrsken’ and comes out next week. Other than that I have signed an EP to Noir who is coming up with a new label soon. I am super excited about this one to be honest, because Noir has found two fantastic remixers to round up the package. Watch out for this one.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?
Yes I do, bouldering is one of my hobbies. I have only started a year ago, but I am already truly addicted. I also love to go fishing once a year, but that’s more for relaxation.

What are some touristy things you do while playing in a foreign city?
If there is time I am asking the promoters if they can show me around a little bit. I love to hear about the stories of the city and the history. If there is a gig in a special place I sometimes even combine it with holidays and take my family with me.

Tell us about your mix.
My mix is a journey of functional and melodic House and Techno tracks. I am building a tension bow by starting a little easier, playing more energetic in the middle part and going down in the end again with some real melodic anthems. I hope you enjoy it!

Drink of choice…
A good old Scotch Whiskey can’t fail.


– jams
Jimbo James