German producer David Jach has been on a roll! Having released tunes on Get Physical, Upon.You, Hive Audio, & Lapsus Music.

Today we feature his vibey tunes for our 203rd Lovecast episode. Enjoy!

Download and tracklist below…

Lovecast 203 – David Jach

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01. Crustation – Flame (Mood II Swing Borderline Insanty Dub Mix)
02. Mihai Popoviciu – Focus (Tuccillo Remix)
03. Christian Burkhardt – Elector (Brett Johnson Remix)
04. Marius Lehnert & Arno Mueller – Boiler (David Jach Remix)
05. Joeski Feat. E-Man – Clap Yo Hands
06. Nightdrivers – Still Waters
07. Prunk & Chris Stussy – Tunnelvision
08. Halo Varga – Trust Feat Mr.V (Einzelkind Randy Fox Robin Scholz Implosive Remix)
09. Djebali – Sunday 02
10. Burnski – Another Source (Mandar Remix)
11. Ricardo Villalobos, Jay haze – Fenlow (Haze 2011 Dub Mix)


Interview with David Jach

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?
Hi! All good – it is summer, open air and festival time, there is nothing to complain about for the moment.

Do you like summer more than winter? Does it change the sort of music you make and play, are you influenced by factors like that?
I like both seasons. In winter club shows are very cool – it is a different atmosphere and you play always nighttime. I like to play in small clubs – being close to the audience and of course I play some other EP’s than I would play open air but the style is still the same I play in my way summer and winter.

Summer for the moment is also great – playing sets in the daytime in front of a big audience is a special feeling and I miss that vibe sometimes in winter – so it is good to play in winter in sunny countries.

Tell us about your story; how you came to dance music, what first turned you on?
I started very early – a friend of my family was a DJ and he gave me my first DJ-Mixer when I became 14. I bought then turntables and started to practice a bit. Since this time I started to collect vinyl so my collection is huge with a lot of classics and I still love to play vinyl. An awesome feeling. With producing I started quite late – my first EP was released in 2010 “Trompedar EP” – Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola played this EP, I was really proud about this and decided to start also producing beside DJing.

With a busy tour schedule, how do you stay sane on the road? Do you read or watch movies?
If I am on the road to my gigs I always listen to music that’s a good way to switch off my mind and also a kind of research for new cool tracks and inspiration.

And what about in the week at home, do you have a routine, hobbies, pets to walk or whatever to give you a break from music?
To shut down completely after gigs I take my bike and cruise around Dresden, my hometown. The nature is my element to recover. I also go more or less every day in my studio to work on new tracks or I do all the social media stuff, answering e-mails or interviews. I love good food as well and I cook and enjoy that at home – trying to have a normal settled life at home.

Tell us about how your recent remix on Lapsus Music came about? It’s a remix of the Luna City Express track ‘Do It’ isn’t it?
I know Norman Weber & Marco Resman (Luna City Express) for a long time. I have my own event series in Dresden and I invited them often so we became friends and I appreciate and support their sound. I play very often their tracks in my sets and honestly I am a big fan of them.

The track „Do it“ was released last year on the label Lapsus Music, I also released a track this year on Lapsus called „Panic EP“ with Sven Tasnadi. So one came to another and they asked me if I would like to do a remix for Luna City Express. I was really proud that they asked me to do that remix. I am very happy with the result.

How do you approach remixes differently to originals? Are there rules about what you can and can’t do, how much or how little you should change things for a remix?
There are not really rules to do a remix – I do it like trial and error – I create my own style. Some people mean that they listen clearly my sound, that’s cool. I give a lot of attention on good drums and the bass line – the groove is important. Regarding the „Do it“ remix I did not use a lot from the original track – only some vocals and FX stuff: and you listen now to the result: that’s it! I hope you like it.

What is your sonic fingerprint, what is your style that you try and impose on a remix?
As I mentioned before: groove is the most important for me. I think that’s my special fingerprint.

Talk us through some of the gear you have in the studio, the hardware or software that defines your sound…
I really like to work with my old machines from the 80s and 90s,like Roland Tr-606 / 707 / 808 and my old one „Korg Electribe ESX-1“, his is a good old drum machine which has everything in one.

You did a concert with a philharmonic orchestra right? What was that like? Will you do it again?
This production is one of the biggest things I have done so far in my career. It was an amazing experience to work with such outstanding artists – a philharmonic orchestra – together. The whole way of creating and producing this concert was very exciting for me. When I remember that day of the concert I get still goose bumps J For sure I would love to do such a production again – even if it was hard work for everybody involved in that project.

What else have you got coming up?
I’m currently working on a lot of projects – especially remixes: I’ve just done some, such for Hector Moralez, James Grow, Reblok, Hanne & Lore, Pysh, Marius Lehnert, Dapayk & Padberg and Luna City Express, and a few others. I am currently working with my friend Pazkal from Switzerland on a collaboration for an EP and I will publish two releases this year. Stay tuned!


– jams
Jimbo James