Cure your techno fever with the 197th Lovecast episode from Nottingham duo, GAIST.

Fresh off their Mind EP release on Pig&Dan‘s ELEVATE label, GAIST’s tunes are ripe for the picking.

Keep your ears peeled for these two…

Download mix, tracklist, and interview below…

Lovecast 197 – GAIST

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1. Gaiser – Facefall (Original Mix)
2. Acki – Bass System (Original Mix)
3. Tanzo & Morris – Erosion (Gaga Remix)
4. A++, Lola Tek – 9nemy (Charley Prince Remix)
5. Jose Baher, Bad Omen – Nobel Virginity (Original Mix)
6. Fatima Haji – ZAA (Hollen Remix)
7. Sian – Pause (Oliver Koletzki & Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
8. Hatzler – Another Life (Original Mix)
9. Vinicious Honorio – Walking Shadow (Original Mix)
10. Jay Lumen – Opus (Original Mix)
11. MATRiXXMAN – The Spell (Pleasurekraft Remix)
12. Dark Chambers – Fuse (Original Mix)
13. Moby – Go (Victor Ruiz Warehouse Mix)
14. GAIST – Blakk (Original Mix)
15. GAIST – Rumble (Original Mix)

Interview with GAIST

How did you first get introduced to underground dance music?
Underground dance music for us was a progression of different genres, Trance was our entry to the dance music world – we were frequenting the legendary Gatecrasher 1 most weekends at the age of 18. From this, the progression began and went through electro, house, deep house, tech house and finally arriving at Techno.

The “Underground” styles of techno today keep us locked in and focused far more than any genre, there really are no rules in techno and we love that!

What is the most challenging part of becoming a full-time producer and touring artist? 
The transition between “Full Time” and “Part Time” is really the challenge itself, we’re not exactly sure you know when it happens? The line is so blurred, one min you are working your job to pay for synths and your Beatport cart, and then suddenly you realize that you have been off work for a month and only been home three times.

What has been the most exciting turning point of your career so far?
That moment you create a track in the studio and you truly believe it’s fire is like nothing else. For one of your heroes to then play that track on BBC Radio 1 was truly amazing. It really makes those long sessions where you’re about to lose faith worth i.

Where is your home base? If someone were visiting there for the first time, what clubs and/or parties and/or restaurants would they want to check out? 
We are from the midlands in the U.K. We just built our dream studio in a place called Chesterfield which is not really known for music, but it’s a really nice piece of England. Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby are like 30 mins away. Our favourite restaurant has to be a old English Pub called “The Hardwick Inn” – we are biased though as its Stu’s family business.

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer?
Set goals and don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve. Don’t compare yourself too closely to others, you don’t want to be a carbon copy. Nothing will ever be perfect so don’t criticise yourself too much, but do take on board criticism from others, even if you don’t like it. Get music out there! Learn from your mistakes! Move forward every day!

What’s on the horizon for GAIST in 2017?
2017 so far has been our most challenging year to date; as the goals get set higher they are harder to achieve. But when you finally smash them down it’s all worth it! That being said, the rest of 2017 is looking exciting. We have some incredible things happening in the studio and behind the scenes that we can’t mention yet. But let’s just say ADE will be a big moment for us.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music? 
Cars are a bit of a thing for us, modding and tinkering around when we hit a wall in the studio. Also keeping fit and active is something of a must for us; touring is tiring, we spend a lot of time in airports and on planes where sleep is very difficult, so keep fit and eat well and keep the partying at your gigs to a minimum.

What are some touristy things you do while playing in a foreign city?
If there is a pool at our hotel, that’s the first thing we will do: a dip in the pool and chill. Sometimes we simply don’t have time, it’s literally straight from the airport to the gig, then straight back on the plane, but if we do get time we always try and see as much as we can in the city where in.

Dream gig…
Simple: Awakenings

Name one of your go-to tracks…
An absolute weapon of ours is Cirez D – On Off, this goes off in so many ways, everyone knows the track and it’s perfect to end on.

Tell us about your mix…
So, this mix is one hour of fresh new cuts in our “record box”. We like to keep our sets fresh and keep things fun for us. We like to be spontaneous and play things we literally just got sent that afternoon. Half of the time we have maybe only heard half of the track and are hoping it’s a weapon. We try to manipulate the tracks into a way that makes them different to just playing them out – this often gets a little crazy and you can see from our energy behind the mixer that we are creating on the fly.

Drink of choice… 
Well, if anyone reading this wants to book us here is our hospitality rider:
6 bottles of premium larger (Corona / Peroni)
6 Bottles of still mineral water
1 bottle of Grey Goose + Mixers
2 fresh towels


– jams
Jimbo James