V I V I D has to be one of my favorite producers of 2012 and certainly has big things ahead in the coming years. His latest EP, Poles Apart, out now on German label Kolorit, is a twisted, dark work that’s perfect for winter. Without further ado the music and the words of V I V I D:

Part I:


Download Part II: HERE

1. First off, where are you from and where do you currently reside?
Hey guys, thank you for having me! I was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan and I’m currently living here as well. 
2. How did you get started producing and djing? What is your current tour or production schedule like? Anything special in the works? 
Well I’ve been listening and collecting electronic music for as long as I can remember, but it was only a few years back that I got my first pair of
decks which further inspired me to produce my own music too. Things are pretty busy at the moment. A lot of new music in the pipeline and about 3 EPs scheduled for a release real soon, including my first collaboration with my friend and colleague Luke Alan.


3. How do you feel your environment defines your style? Are you inspired or revolted by the particular elements of the city in which you live that seem to affect your music? 
The Deep House scene in my country is pretty non-existent. I’m the only Deephouse DJ/producer here, so the environment isn’t all that ideal, haha, but I don’t let that hold me back. It’s good music that inspires me and I really try to stay updated with the global music trends etc and with the
technology these days. However, my country is really rich in folk music and sometimes I try to incorporate those elements with my own sound. The house music scene is slowly but surely picking up here with regular parties/festivals/raves being planned, so yeah can’t complain I guess


4. What is a go-to plug in or analog hardware to work with?  I’m wondering…do you get to experiment with lots of different equipment? 
Haven’t really gotten the chance to experiment much with analog hardware, since I am pretty happy with the results I’m getting with Ableton and a few trusty VSTs these days…But maybe a later time in life, I don’t see why not.


5. Is there anything who have coming up that you’d like readers to know about? 
My Poles Apart EP just hit the stores few days back  and it’s really doing well on the Beatport charts and got some crazy dj support. so that is something I don’t want anyone missing out on haha. Other than that I have a track coming out on the Suruba Vader Compilation which features some really cool artists and is all set to destroy dancefloors the wolrd over.


6. Tell us a bit about this mix. Where was it recorded and on what? 
The first hour was recorded on a cold winter morning, whereas the second hour later on in the night in my home studio using my trusty pioneer traktor controller. Nothing too earth shattering haha. So both the mixes have a different vibe, which I hope you guys will really dig. The first hour ends with my forthcoming track called “Floating Away.”


7. The world wouldn’t be the same without which 3 albums?
Don’t know about the world, I can only speak for myself haha:


Kraftwerk – The Man and Machine


Sasha – Involver


Four Tet – Pause


8. Favorite national (Pakistani, correct?) food?
Makhni Handi (Whole other take to buttered Chicken. Damm I got the munchies now!)


A very big THANK YOU to V I V I D for two hours of awesome, sexy, dark, twisted, enlightening music. <3