The eighth release from the Platino imprint “CTRL” comes from the venerable Louie Fresco. Created in 2015 and hailing from Mexico, Platino has a knack for delivering energetic dance floor friendly heaters from the likes of Climbers, Balcazar, Andre VII among others and this release is no exception.

The title track “CTRL” leads off the EP and sets the tone for the rest of it. Thumping kick drums, a hypnotizing vocal sample and steady percussion are the driving force behind this tune. “The Dream” uses another strong vocal sample that grabs your attention along with swung hi-hats and a bouncy synth. Perfect for getting the party started. The final track “Like This” caps off the EP with some serious energy that is sure to get bodies moving with its plucky synth bass and relentless groove.

Platino has dropped some serious heat in their eight releases and “CTRL” is a solid addition to the catalog.


Artist: Louie Fresco
Release Date: 2016-07-01
Label: Platino
Catalog No.: CAT72340

Louie Fresco – CTRL

Contributing Writer