Back in July, No 19 Music released a hugely impressive debut album from Louie Fresco that helped propel the young Mexican star into the Musical stratosphere, just where he belongs. Now the always innovative label run by Art Departments tastemaking chief Jonny White revisit the gems of Autophobia and ask a mouth-watering selection of contemporary top producers to breath their own life into the standout originals. Coming from all backgrounds including acid and techno, disco and house, the diverse artists involved in this great package are all the best in their respective fields. Up first are Life and Death label regulars Thugfucker, who have released some of the most enduring remixes and originals of recent times. Their interpretation of So Good Interlude is a deliciously deep and brooding affair that journeys through mystical night skies sprinkled with distant twinkling melodies and underpinned by a fantastically pained bassline: It is sure to make for real drama in clubs when dropped at the right time. Next up is Californian Acid Test and Absurd associate Tin Man, who is known for crafting sublimely new and exciting acid forms with his Roland 303 in both EP and LP format. His remix of Do Ya is a supple, elastic thing that is deep but driven at the same time. Before long, his squelchy, siren-like acid line comes in and brings with it real dancefloor tension, before it slowly melts away into melodic bliss only to return once more in anger. The producers dub mix of the same track is a slower and more purposeful head-wrecker with lashings of acid and plenty of dark energy in the drums. The much lauded Eric Volta is next, a producer has proven himself to be something of a magical synth-crafting genius with exquisite tracks on this label as well as Visionquest and Ellum Audio. His remix combines two originals, Missunderstood and So Good into a genre defying fusion of punchy drum breaks, freaky electronic atmospheres and freeform synth patterns. Its a complex, writhing and ever changing beast that has to be heard to be believed. Australian Brohn, who has rightfully started to carve a cult following with his dark, twisted and infectious sounds and impressive DJ residency at Circo Loco (Aus), is next. He tackles Do Ya and flips it into a tight, bulky House affair with a busy, bobbling bassline, ghoulish vocal samples and chattery percussion. Its a track that builds plenty of pressure and never lets up, and one that will demand the attention of dancefloors all over the world. The young Parisian production duo Villanova go last with a remix of Hunter Pray. This one is a foreboding, warm and rubbery bit of techy excelence with edgy synth details, lots of opposing textures and a marching groove that is ready made for late night dancing. This is a thoughtfully diverse package that showcases the skills of many different, and unique, producers, and is a fine testament to the quality of Louie Frescos original tracks.


Artist:  Louie Fresco
Title:  Autophobia Remixes
Label:  No.19 Music
Catalog No.:  NO19050