Just when we thought Suara might actually run out of distinguished faces to be featured on their releases, our favorite feline label proves once again that they are the craziest cat people we know. Following up their March debut, Los Paranos return with some fresh and exciting techno beats that are guaranteed to make you purr.

Rise of Emotion’ shows us exactly what the Frenchman are made of, pulling out all the stops to bring us some of that deep dark sexy techno that we have come to love.  These are the dance floor tracks that will send a shiver down your spine and kick your ass into high gear, right when you thought your feet hurt a little too much and it was time to sit.  With its massive buildups and billowing whale calls reminiscent of a Ten Walls track (are we allowed to talk about him again yet?) but with a more aggressive approach, the entire release is peak-time perfection.


ARTIST: Oscar LLos Paranos
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-10
LABEL: Suara

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