Lorenzo Dada

The amazingly talented Italian producer, Lorenzo Dada, has perfected the art of bridging the gap between timeless and modern, which is ever-present in his music.  Delighting us with his latest release out on Culprit, Love Apparel will drift you off into a state of auditory bliss.

The prominence of piano melodies woven throughout this EP should be of no surprise — what sets Lorenzo apart from many artists is his background in classical music, which heavily influences his style. While he is certainly a master at electronic production, he is also a classically trained composer and pianist with a degree from the prestigious Conservatory of Saint Cecilia in Rome.  Lorenzo’s unique fusion of genres proves to be a real treat to the ears, releasing music on hot labels such as Culprit LA and Get Physical Music, among many others.

“Love Apparel” is sweet, downtempo track, surrounded by haunting melodies.  Both delicate and dreamy, this EP is perfect for setting those ambient vibes.  Emotive, airy vocals linger throughout, adding just a touch of magic.  Axel Boman has his hand at a lovely remix,  keeping the mood chill and infusing crisp percussion, while the Swedish duo Bambook’s interpretation is comprised of organic grooves across wide soundscapes.  “Ministry of Night” ups the energy with entrancing vocals layered over swirly beats. Closing out the EP, “Powder” is more on the tech side of the spectrum, exuding ethereal tones and rich textures.

So, just kick back, relax, and bask in the beautiful vibrations…


Artist: Lorenzo Dada
Release Date: 2016-02-22
Label: Culprit
Catalog No.: CPO60

Lorenzo Dada – Love Apparel

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor