[Release]  LOPAZZ is back on Get Physical for another eclectic release with Casio Casino and Betoko, ‘U & I’. The team has worked together for several years already, collaborating in Londons Red Bus studio and LOPAZZ´s Mixmastering studio for this classic House inspired release. The title track is the work of LOPAZZ & Casio Casino, who just recently released ‘I feel Love Pt. 1 & 2’ on Get Physical. This time the boys try for organic, self-recorded guitar, claps and vocals. The result is a warm vibe ready to shake the floor the way House did back before House had a name. Betoko’s remix turns up a serious side with its gritty bass line and crunchy percussion. It manages to keep things light by means of a smooth synth laid right under that sensual vocal. And then comes the guitar, with the same feel that put Daft Punk on the radar, all those years ago. This mix is the perfect finale, or good morning track to any set. ‘Give It To Me’ is a dry groove with a strong groove. LOPAZZ vocals ride the guitar all the way to bass line, where warm synths await to open our mind. A blend of old House grooves and fresh synth lines creates an intense atmosphere suited for late night sweat sessions.Bringing up the rear, ‘Your Love’ relies of heavy percussion and rhythmic tech-house chords. Not to mention the 303 Acid House lines between, adding strength and movement to this already very swinging track. A spectacular and very strong finale to this delicious EP!


Artist:  LOPAZZ & Betoko
Title:  U & I
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM227

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