On Friday 18th June, the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life foundation (LNADJ) launched their next Set For Love fundraising campaign, “The Summer of Love”.  In a twist on previous events, The Summer of Love edition will continue for a whole month and participants can take part with a livestream or with a live event where restrictions allow.  It all kicked off on Friday 18th at 5pm BST with a livestream showcase of headline DJs in partnership with Dance Television as well as a live event at Pikes in Ibiza hosted by Flashlite.

The 8 hour livestream extravaganza was a musical journey around the world with sets coming from Huxley currently in Chicago, Miss Monique in the Ukraine, Joe T Vannelli in Italy, Demuir representing Canada and Pig and Dan in Majorca.  Charity Ambassador Nightmares On Wax, the creator of the first ever Set For Love as a live event back in 2019, streamed from Ibiza.  Flying the flag for the UK was livestream legend SUAT plus Ralph Lawson, long time Back to Basics resident and owner of 2020 Vision Recordings.  The stream started from 5pm until 1am BST and was raising funds to support children in crisis in developing countries. 

Ralph Lawson said, “LNADJ are an incredible charity that does great work supporting children in crisis worldwide. The Set For Love initiative launched during the global pandemic also provided much needed support and focus for the electronic music community during hard times. It’s a pleasure and an honour to be asked to contribute to the project and I’ll be getting a special set together to celebrate the Summer of Love”

As always, the launch night of Set For Love is a springboard and invitation to DJs of all levels around the world to get involved and do their own Set For Love and raise funds for LNADJ supporting children in crisis in developing countries. During 2020 the event raised over £130K across three events with DJs participating from 80 countries.  This time however the call goes out not just to DJs but anyone who wants to share their art or organise an event and make a difference to the lives of children in crisis through a variety of LNADJ campaigns.

LNADJ ambassador Nightmares On Wax said, “The message I want to get across is how easy it is to give a little of your time doing something you love and the ripple effect is just huge. It’s incredible what we can do through the power of music, something that we all love, but the difference this makes to these children is life changing.  And it isn’t just for DJs, whatever your art is, you can share it and make a difference”.

In Ibiza, the legendary Pikes Hotel will be the first venue to officially host a live event as part of the Summer of Love campaign, with Guy Williams’ Flashlite party hosting a Set For Love.  

Guy said, “Flashlite at Pikes Ibiza is proud to announce it will be the first live event to kick off Set For Loves ‘Summer Of Love ‘ Guy Williams and friends will be providing the Balearic tinged musical journey day into night”. Those lucky enough to be on the Whte Isle are encouraged to book at www.pikesibiza.com

LNADJ founder Jonny Lee said, “We are truly honoured to continue to receive the support of some exceptional talents within the electronic music industry in donating their Sets For Love to help us raise money for those who continue to be in great need.  Our livestream line up this time is really fresh and features some of the most credible contemporary producers of our time, like Huxley, who is streaming a special set from Chicago.  

It’s very inspiring to see the music community once again rally together, not just the DJs but the big brands like Pioneer DJ, Izotope and Loopmasters who believe very strongly in what we are all doing collectively. 

Alongside the headline sets we welcome all members of the DJ and music community around the world to get involved in whatever way they can – by streaming a set or hosting an event. It could be something as simple as a fundraiser in their own back garden right up to producing a club night! It all adds up to making a difference to others and brings everyone together in a spirit of celebration, that’s the message of the Summer of Love!”

For more information, to register or to donate please visit www.setforlove.org  The headliners showcase can be viewed from 5pm – 1am BST also at www.setforlove.org and www.dancetv.net/live