The single is accompanied by an official music video, directed by Vincent Haycock, out 13th October

The London-born singer/songwriter Lila Drew has unveiled her new single ‘2023’, out 13th October.

‘2023’,  co-written and produced by Sachi DiSerafino (Joy Again, Wallows, Nasty Cherry), was born out of the “frustration that comes with feeling like you’ll never change – that the things that you hate that you do will continuously be repeated throughout your life, and that fear will always get in the way”. A captivating modern pop jam, it sees Lila’s enchanting vocals take centre stage amidst a vibrant and thought -provoking production.

The accompanying video, directed by Vincent Haycock, whose previous clients include Calvin Harris, Florence + the Machine and Harry Styles, is a similarly arresting piece of cinematography that sees the track’s themes of freedom and entrapment communicated in visual form.

Watch the stunning official music video here

The video was visually inspired by some of Lila’s favorites growing up: “We wanted to make a video that referenced classic 90s aesthetics — Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Harmony Korine, Gregg Araki”, Lila explains. “It’s about this utopic, inclusive alternative future that is just a bit artificial, but grounded in ideas about youth culture and what that means in this moment, let alone in 2023.”

Lila Drew burst onto the scene in 2018 with a sound that combined the intimacy of electro-pop with elements of hip-hop and R&B. Her debut single ‘faded/2am’, a collaboration with rapper GoldLink, has clocked up over 9 million Spotify streams to date. As a true collaborator and perfectionist with a strong hand in everything she produces and releases, Lila also develops conceptual video pieces that go along with the music. “Songwriting is like lyrical scrapbooking,” she says of her process. “It’s like pulling from a lot of different emotions and situations to articulate a full feeling.”

Her first single release of 2021, ‘2023’ represents the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the story of Lila Drew.

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