[Release]  You would think that MLP Music Label has been around for awhile, considering the amount of releases they have and the quality of them. Only 8 months old, this new label has been making some serious headway in the dance world.  Already releasing artists such as Atapy, The Wize Guys, Animal Picnic, Tiago Schnieder, William Medagli, and many others, we get their newest release from rising star Lessovsky.  Known for his deep, slow, emotive sound, Lessovsky really proves he is someone to look out for. Three new originals, and remixes from Fedor K and Silkast, No Reason is another awesome release from this artist and MLP.

‘All Night Long’ is a hip and fresh track with a seductive bass line, gorgeous synths, and a catchy chorus.  ‘No Reason’ is a sexy beast under the sheets with its deep vocals and sinister vibe.  A favorite off the album, ‘Far Away’ is an emotive, atmospheric jam with sublime layers that leaves you soaring.  Silkast provides an upbeat remix of ‘All Night Long’ while Fedor K slows it down and adds a beautiful piano with his remix of ‘No Reason.’

 A top choice record from begging to end, this is one you certainly are going to want to add to your collection.


Artist:  Lessovsky
Title:  No Reason
Label:  MLP Music Label
Catalog No.:  MML026

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