Leon Revol forwards into new territory with a debut album on Seb Wildblood’s South London based label, Church. 

‘Enter A Zircon’ comes as a nine-track collection that incorporates ambient, deep and meditative sounds showcasing a vast selection of musical influences that shape the soul of Leon Revol today.

This work is a continuation of the sound previously heard on the label via his Analogue In Transit release on the label, as Leon brings a variety of energy levels cycling up and down from lush landscapes, to ambient noise & broken percussion. 

The centrepiece is inspired by the most listened albums of his childhood through to today, incorporating emotive sax, analogue waves and rich samples.

The album was produced at home in Bordeaux, allowing Leon to grasp hold of inspiration from his most natural environment.

‘Enter A Zircon’ is out now and available here https://lnk.to/LeonRevolEnter.