Zoom Zoom Records is a brand new label from Russia that opens up with an EP from Legroni. It features five tracks that are made on various bits of analogue hardware and all bring with lush melodies and raw textures. 

Oz embodies that perfectly with its spiralling pad work and nice engaging grooves all slowly but surely lifting you off your feet. Page is another beauty with arpeggiated synths stepping up and down the scales as those deep drums carry you ever further into a trance. What ups the ante with a more playful rhythm that is wonky, disco fried and loose. Zo then stomps out a nice groove, dark but with some melancholic chords up top and a freaky vocal and last of all Volen blisses you out with nice tinny melodies and motor kicks powering it along. 

This is a fine start to a great sounding new label. 


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