Leftback Records give us an insight to their favourite tracks as friends of the label choose their top track from the Leftback catalogue. Hailing from Nottingham, UK Leftback have been pushing high quality releases for six years now, let’s take a look at the insiders favourites…

TIJN:  Dudley Strangeways “Leo’s Landed EP” [LB017] 

I’m really liking the new release especially B2 “Real Talk”, amazing vibe across the whole 7 + minutes. Love the intricate groove and it really works the floor, tried and tested!

Track B2

Bunny: Harry McCanna & Dtg – Subdivisions [LB007]

Found it difficult to choose my favourite Leftback track as the releases from the crew have been so solid. So in the end I just looked trough my case from my last gig and pulled out LB007. It ain’t left my bag since its release in 2015. I have rinsed Harry McCanna & Dtg’s Subdivisions track to the extent the first beat is all worn out. The tune is roller and will be stuck in my case for years to come I’m sure.

Annie Errez: Dudley Strageways & Michael McLardy “Joshua Calling EP” [LB010]

It’s so hard to pick just one tune from the Leftback catalogue, as it’s such a consistently brilliant label, and I know I’m not alone thinking that either, but the one I’ve gone for is “What’s Wrong” A2 by Dudley. To me this record perfectly sums up the Leftback sound and indeed Dudley’s ability to make a modern piece of music sound both relevant and classic at the same time. It’s so easy to place it in a set and I often go to this record to tie up or bridge between others in an interesting way.

Track A2

Luke Black: Groovesh “Next Step EP” [LB009] 

Groovesh – glowing. I’ve been playing this one out a lot, it works all night. Whether it be warm up, peak or afters. One of those records that doesn’t make it back to the record shelf at home and just stays in the bag.

Track A1

Dudley Strangeways:  Various Artists “Internal connections Vol.2” [LB016] 

I really like introducing new people to the label and with the internal connection series it’s built around the idea that the artists on the label will continue to release music in the form of full eps later down the line. All of the tracks on this for me are great, and a varied range of styles for different times of the night/day. I’m really excited to continue to work with these new artists on the label as well as others that have already released. Some belting tracks these lot are making I can assure you, much more to come!

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