The Road To Desert Hearts EP series has continued with the release of a fitting second addition, Long Weekend EP. Lee Reynolds and Memo Rex have merged their talents to devise three dynamic tracks that sustain the tone of Desert Hearts while putting forward fresh sounds. 

For five years, Desert Hearts Records has served as the channel of creative bangers for the Desert Hearts community. It’s grown into a powerhouse from signing records to a plethora of world class artists- wAFF, Rodriguez Jr., and Latmun, to name a few. Bringing a shift, the Road to Desert Hearts holds significance as it reintroduces the focus to the ringleaders. 

Showing off the distinctive sonic personalities of Mikey, Lee, Porky, and Marbs, the Road To Desert Hearts also kicks off an exciting year where North America’s best will be brought into the spotlight. The Desert Hearts crew is sure to lead this year full of forward thinking and fresh beats that serve as the perfect soundtrack for all the electrifying events held in 2020. The Desert Hearts festival of course, Vujaday, Lightning in a Bottle, renowned venues like Space Miami, and Dallas for the city’s inaugural Desert Hearts Black showcase, will all be featuring the eclectic sound created by Desert Hearts Records. 

Following a strong start to the series with Porky and Mitch Dodge’s Chameleon, Lee Reynolds’ Long Weekend follows up his celebrated solo debut on the label, Can’t Rewind- showing us how experimental he likes to get in the studio. Reynolds’ continues down this path with Long Weekend, creating this EP with Memo Rex that froths with heady grooves, bounding percussion, and acid riffs, producing a record quirky and danceable. 

Listen to ‘Long Weekend’ EP now!