[New Release]  Nurvous Records continues to release quality Nu Disco with their latest work, NY Shuffle, produced by up and coming super talent, Lee M Kelsall.  Already making moves with releases on Hot Waves, Mexa, and Lucid Dreaming, we get another colossal release from this man.  If that wasn’t enough, Raffa FL, Kreature, and Whatever all deliver superb remixes.

The title track, ‘NY Shuffle,’ is an instant classic.  Funky vibes, sexy sax, mellow tones, and a touch of that classic disco jazz feel make this track one savvy selection.  Raffa Fl gives this track a nice up-tempo modern feel, while still keeping to its disco roots, which sends you into a dance frenzy.  Kreature takes this track and imposes his own style with a deep, silky smooth bass line.  Whatever also deliver with a more modern electronic version, which seems to reach out to a wider audience.

Overall this is another great release from an awesome label.  Nurvous have been on a rampage recently, releasing top choice music and they couldn’t have done any better than getting the artists that they did for this release.  We always look forward to what Nurvous has to offer and we can’t wait to see what Lee M Kelsall will produce next.




Artist:  Lee M Kelsall
Title:  NY Shuffle
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE22587


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