Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, and the All Day I Dream brand have reached a new milestone in Melt—the first-ever, jointly written studio album from the two aforementioned artists. After many years spent as a DJ—the better part of four decades, to be exact—Lee found a musician he could trust in Lost Desert, and the two soon began manifesting their shared musical vision into the longform medium within a few years of meeting one another.

The result is an ethereal journey through lush, melodious soundscapes. It stirs the same feelings within as All Day I Dream parties in real life: warmth, joy, and desire for connection with the world around. From its gentle, ambient start to its wistful ending, Melt wraps you in a seamless and blissful embrace. Arrangement is key; with Lee Burridge as the album’s guiding force, Lost Desert has taken cornerstone elements of strings, nuanced synth, tribal drum patterns, and grooving basslines and twisted them into 10 unique pieces that fit into the album’s ethos as a whole. We’re particularly keen on the effervescent “One” with Simon Vuarambon, “Float On,” and “Sailing Without Compass.”

Listen to the full album below, and make sure to grab a copy of this momentous release.